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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tom Hanks goes back to his mother's house when he's "BIG", he tries to convince his mother it's him by telling her his birthday: November 3rd. However, in the scene (with John Heard and Elizabeth Perkins) showing the milk carton of Tom Hanks "missing" as a young boy, his d.o.b. is shown as 1/20/75.

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Continuity mistake: When Josh just becomes big, he hands his baby sister a wallet. She lowers her hands beneath the border of the playpen. The immediate angle, barely a frame later, shows her hands above it.

Continuity mistake: The morning Josh becomes big, one of his sneakers in the bedroom swaps from being underneath the bed by the coat sleeve, to half a meter away in a different position.

Continuity mistake: When Josh and Mr. MacMillan first meet in the toy store Josh's collar is up. Mr. MacMillan says, "Come On." They walk around a corner and Josh's collar is now turned down.

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Continuity mistake: When Josh and Billy are in the equipment room note the orange and blue pads on the middle shelf. The blue pads change, their white strap goes being tucked up to hanging down then they disappear completely and reappear between shots.

Audio problem: In the scene when Josh (as Tom Hanks) comes back to his house to talk with his Mother for the first time since becoming "big", she starts screaming and backs away from him. She backs into the piano she says "Go away, go away." but her lips don't move at all.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Hanks is playing the piano in the toy store you see a man in the crowd lift his daughter onto his shoulders 3 times.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Hanks and his boss are playing the oversized piano, a young girl in the background is seen to sit on her dad's lap twice. Also, the boy in the sweater disappears, then reappears in time to applaud at the end of the song.

Other mistake: Josh's birthday, according to the milk carton, is in the winter. But, some time after he celebrates his birthday at the Italian restaurant, he returns to his childhood neighborhood and it's fall (colored leaves, etc.). It can't be the following year because he's only gone for a total of a few weeks.

Continuity mistake: Josh stumbles into McMillan, scattering papers everywhere. Susan picks up hers and presses them against her chest. In a close-up they're tidy, yet a shot later they're all messed up.

Audio problem: When Josh is about to be interviewed, a woman says "Personnel director would like to see you now" but she's not mouthing the lines.

Continuity mistake: While Billy and Josh read the newspaper ads, note Billy's ice cream: the spoon stands-out longer or shorter and the pattern of the chocolate differs between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the equipment room, after adult Josh sings to Billy, his hair swaps from messy to brushed right before he says "Josh you look terrible."

Continuity mistake: When Billy enters the equipment room and confronts adult Josh, note the top ball's yellow sticker: it's either facing his face or away, depending on the angle.

Continuity mistake: When Elizabeth Perkins sleeps over at Josh's loft, the pillows behind her head are flat and in the middle at the head of the bed. When they cut back from Josh, they are pushed up in the corner of the bed.

Factual error: The closing credits give thanks to "FAO Schwartz", misspelling the name of the famous toy store with an extra "T".

Continuity mistake: When Josh and Billy arrive at the hotel, the concierge takes his hand with a cigarette to his mouth, but from opposite angle his hand is down counting the money.

Continuity mistake: When the camera first pans up to Josh on the top bunk as "big," note his coat on the bottom bunk: The letters on the back are pushed together and three are barely visible. Yet when he returns from the bathroom moments later the coat is noticeably more spread out and many more letters are visible.

Continuity mistake: During the opening credits, when the girl shows up, Billy's hair is messed up on the wide shots, but combed in the close-ups.

Continuity mistake: After payday, Billy and Josh are in the hotel and foam suddenly appears on Billy's previously spotless face, only to to clean itself up half a second later.

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Billy: Here, take this. [Hands Josh a handful of money.]
Josh: Billy, where did you get this?
Billy: From my dad's top drawer.
Josh: You stole money from your father?
Billy: It's his emergency money.
Josh: Jesus, Billy.
Billy: Well what do you call this?



The scenes from the amusment park in the movie were filmed at Playland, in Rye, NY.