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30th Nov 2008

The Painted Veil (2006)

Trivia: This movie was the first ever Western movie that was co-produced with the Chinese Film Bureau. Shot on location in Shanghai, in southern Guangxi Province's green hills along the Li River, and on Beijing sound stages, it is also the first Western movie to be allowed to shoot entirely in China for decades, as stated by both the director, John Curran, and NPR.

Goodbye To All That - S2-E5

Other mistake: When Sarah puts Marty on the bus on his way home he steps onto the first step and turns to face Sarah as the door closes and the bus departs. It is against the law in California for buses to begin moving until passengers are on the main deck of the bus (one step up from the boy). This law was enacted after a child fell from the entry step of the bus (exactly where Marty stood), the doors opened and they were run over by the bus. California operates a zero tolerance policy on this matter; drivers know that a single infraction will result in the loss of their commercial drivers license and is taken very seriously by all drivers, without a single infraction having been reported in years.

13th Apr 2008

Firefly (2002)

Show generally

Question: Regarding this question and answer: "In some scenes, why do the Serenity crew members speak Chinese? [One of the premises of the show is that the two major Earth societies that survived, and ultimately merged, were the Chinese and Americans. As a result the common language includes much Chinese. Clothing, signage, and building designs also have a heavy Chinese influence.] Answered by MovieGuy." Survived what?

Answer: It's never made entirely clear. What we know is that at some point, the Earth became unable to sustain those who lived there, resulting in a mass exodus to a new star system. At that point in the Firefly timeline, the two existing superpowers were the Americans and the Chinese. Whether other present-day nations might still have existed is never mentioned.


11th Apr 2008

ER (1994)

Owner of a Broken Heart - S14-E14

Continuity mistake: When Morris is on the bed following his shock there are three point of view (POV) shots. Morris on the bed, Morris's POV of the medical staff hovering over him and a shot from behind the staff looking down on Morris. The placement of characters is misaligned between views, most notably when the shot is from behind the staff looking down: there is a sizable gap between the two on the left and right, where as from Morris's POV they are clustered close together with no gaps between the staff members.

28th Dec 2007

We Are Marshall (2006)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack is making call after call to the other coaches he is seen wearing just a shirt. During one call you can see the sleeve of a jacket, however, in the next full shot of Jack it is gone.

27th Dec 2007

Doctor Who (2005)

Voyage of the Damned - S3-E16

Trivia: At the end of the episode, Astrid is set loose to travel through space and time. Astrid is an anagram of TARDIS, which does the same thing.

1st Dec 2007

CSI: NY (2004)

The Thing About Heroes - S4-E10

Factual error: "The Thing About Heroes" When Mac has a flashback to an incident when he was 14 years old (in the 1970s) and gives the money to Bobby Toole the twenty-dollar bills all have the large 20 on the back side. This was not issued until 2004.

29th Nov 2007

300 (2006)

Continuity mistake: The size of the Spartan's shield changes from the action battle sequences (smaller) to the scenes where they are more stationary, as well as, during the arrow attack (larger), presumably allowing greater mobility while fighting. This was confirmed in the Director's Commentary.

23rd Nov 2007

Frasier (1993)

Season 1 generally

Revealing mistake: The view from Frasier's apartment shows the Space Needle prominently in the background, however, the elevator that takes visitors from the ground to the observation deck is frozen in time midway to the top. This was corrected after the first season.

Continuity mistake: At the Unicorn Bar Evie takes a photo of "Drumstrings" Casey performing as Faye-Jean dances in front of him. Both Drumstrings and Faye-Jean are facing Evie with Faye-Jean holding a beer bottle over her head in her left arm. Later when Evie looks at the photo, it has been taken from the side and Faye-Jean is facing a different direction, no arms above her head and is not holding a beer.

12th Nov 2007

Heroes (2006)

Trivia: Masi Oka (Hiro), who has an IQ of 180, appeared on the August 31, 1987 cover of "Time Magazine" for an article called "Those Asian-American Whiz Kids". Masi, who was 12 years old at the time, is the boy on the left of the cover which can be seen here: http://img.timeinc.net/time/magazine/archive/covers/1987/1101870831_400.jpg

9th Nov 2007

Heroes (2006)

Trivia: The artwork created by character Isaac Mendez is actually done by Tim Sales, a comic book artist who is actually color blind. He does all his work in black and white and has other people insert the color.

Trivia: As they enter the temple of the Jatravartid people of Viltvoldle Six, at the base of the stairs is a "perfect recreation of Douglas Adam's nose" (DVD commentary) modeled from a cyber-scan of this head that had been previously created for a game and used in the film as an homage to him following his death prior to the completion of the film.

2nd Oct 2007

Journeyman (2007)

Friendly Skies - S1-E2

Factual error: When Dan goes into the machine for his MRI a light switches on just as his head enters the machine. MRIs have soft muted lights already in the machine (so technician can see the patient via cameras) they want you to rest and be calm to avoid claustrophobia, there are no bright lights. I have had 5 different MRIs in 4 different machines in 2 different states, all were the same.

28th Feb 2007

Criminal Minds (2005)

Show generally

Factual error: Empty Planet Episode: In the opening sequence a bomb is detonated on a bus in Seattle, in the vicinity of the Seattle Center/Space Needle. Right after the explosion, as people are moving towards the now smoking bus you can see a palm tree in the background. There are no large palm trees in metropolitan Seattle and absolutely none in this area.

28th Feb 2007

Criminal Minds (2005)

Empty Planet - S2-E8

Factual error: This episode takes place in current Seattle today (no illusions of a "Seattle in this fantasy world") including using Google earth as a means of identifying a specific area of action. But all the street signs in this episode are blue where as all street/interstate signs in Washington State are green with white letters.

20th May 2006

Batman and Robin (1997)

Deliberate mistake: When Barbara Wilson/Batgirl first arrives she is standing on a ledge beside the front door when Robin answers the door. She then exclaims, "Oh. Uncle Alfred." However she could not possibly have seen him, not just because of her angle, but also the fact it is after that statement that he first comes into view.

13th May 2006

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Deliberate mistake: Right after Stevie and Marla attempt sex in his snowplow, the camera cuts to Marla buttoning up 3 buttons on her sweater which takes less than 8 seconds. However, in that same amount of time, making little or no sound to support his actions, Stevie manages to put on his shirt, zip up his pants, pull back up his coveralls, re-Velcro them closed perfectly all the way up to his chest, pull up and reposition the suspenders to the coveralls and be sitting calmly with both hands on his thighs when the camera cuts back to him. In less than 8 seconds, all silently and not moving the cab to the snowplow at all, no way.

13th May 2006

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene with Russell Crowe and his character's two sons, note the youngest boy's bangs. In the first take they are centered in a clump in the middle of his forehead, the scene cuts to Russell Crowe briefly and when it comes back on the boy, his bangs are all spaced out with gaps across his forehead.

13th May 2006

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Continuity mistake: When Mary Jane and Skank are having sex they knock over a number of items on the stove, including a large bottle of red sauce. However, that bottle was not on the shelf or anywhere near the stove in the preceding shot that panned the stove area.