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A View to a Kill

New this month Continuity mistake: When Stacey hits the thug over the head with the vase during the attack on her mansion, she puts her left hand to her mouth and you can see she is holding the lid sideways, but when we see Stacey in the next shot, the lid is now pointing straight up.

Revealing mistake: When Patrick MacNee and Roger Moore are pushed into the lake in the Rolls Royce, you can clearly see the wire pulling the car into the water. It leaps out of the water as it takes the strain.

Visible crew/equipment: During the pursuit scene in San Francisco, there's a long shot where the fire truck passes in front of the camera just before the two police cars get separated. During that shot, you can see a camera crew on the top of the truck, in front of the ladder.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Zorin is trying to break into the shed where Bond is, just after he's worked out what time high tide is, the door rattles, dropping a hard hat onto the ground, but leaving a red/yellow light/reflector hanging, quite securely. The door lock is also pointing down and right. A couple of shots later, without the door being rattled forcibly again, there's nothing hanging behind it, and the door lock is pointing right.

Jon Sandys

Visible crew/equipment: When Roger Moore is chasing Grace Jones in Paris after the Eiffel Tower scene, he jumps off a bridge and onto a tourist barge passing under along the River Seine. As he crashes through the glass roof, you can clearly see that it is a mannequin in a tuxedo.

Continuity mistake: When Scarpine knocks out Bond, he pushes him into the back of the Rolls Royce and he lies on his back unconscious next to Tibbett. However, when Zorin and May Day drive the Rolls Royce to the river, the 'unconscious' Bond has now managed to sit himself up on his seat.

Revealing mistake: When Tibbett kicks one of the guards in Zorin's warehouse, watch the reaction by the other guard. He reacts before Tibbett's boot makes contact with the guard.

A View to a Kill mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Bond gets down from the Eiffel Tower to chase May Day he steals a car. While Bond is driving down the stairs you can clearly see a Red sticker or decal on the right side of the car. After the car is cut in half it is not there.

Revealing mistake: When the Rolls Royce is going underwater, it twists a little and you can clearly see that the car is empty.

Audio problem: When Bond steals the cab driver's car after coming down from the Eiffel Tower the words the cab driver yells doesn't match up to the way his lips move.

Revealing mistake: When May Day jumps off the Eiffel Tower, a long ramp can be seen suspended at the top of the Tower. It was obviously needed to give the stuntman a sufficient run-up so that he flew clear of the structure.

Continuity mistake: After Pola Ivanova sneaks out of the baths, she climbs into the car with General Gogol, who can be seen to be a double and not Walter Gotell.

Continuity mistake: When the bearded security guard attempts to punch Bond in Zorin's warehouse, Bond moves out of the way and the guard makes a hole in the crate. In the next scene, when several crates fall on the guard knocking him out, Bond has suddenly disappeared, and the hole in the crate that the guard has made is bigger than it was in the previous scene.

Continuity mistake: During the chase between Bond and May Day on the Eiffel Tower, May Day turns around and whips a fishing line at Bond which sends him sprawling over the rail. When he is suspended upside down halfway over the railing you can see his legs are wide apart, but when he regains his balance and starts to unwind the line, his legs are now bound together.

Other mistake: During the mine scene, we see Stacy Sutton in very tight miners overalls, then Mayday rips them off to the white dress she was wearing beforehand. There was not enough room in those tight overalls to hike up or bunch the skirt in any way for her to move her legs, or for her to have both legs in both pant legs.

Continuity mistake: After the riders have jumped the water jump in the steeplechase scene, Bond is joined by a group of Zorin's exercise boys. You can see that a rider with a dark green helmet is positioned a few yards ahead of Bond, but in the next scene he is next to Bond and attacking him.

Audio problem: When Bond listens to the cassette of the conversation between Zorin and Bob Conley at the dock warehouse, it is a completely different conversation to the one heard at the warehouse.

Continuity mistake: During the fight between Bond and Zorin on the Golden Gate Bridge, Zorin's shoes alternate between grey slip-on loafers (worn by actor Christopher Walken) and grey trainers (worn by Walken's stunt double).

Continuity mistake: When M calls Moneypenny and Bond, there's a closeup on the intercom and James is holding her hat behind it but in the next shot, he is further from the intercom.

Dr Wilson

Factual error: When Bond crashes the snowmobile he ends up in a ditch to escape - he uses the front ski, but when he knocks the two soldiers over he is skiing uphill - no way to manage this from a standing start in a ditch.

Continuity mistake: After Bond and Stacey escape the fire at San Francisco City Hall, Bond is confronted by a police chief and he sprays him with water from the fire truck, but when the chief is in his car pursuing Bond through San Francisco, he appears completely dry.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase in San Francisco, Bond knocks off the hats of two men sitting in a white Cadillac when he is hanging from the ladder of the fire truck. You can tell this image is reversed as the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car, and cars in the United States have steering wheels on the left hand side.

Continuity mistake: When Bond is speaking to Dr. Mortner at Zorin's reception, the same clip of Bond using his 'ring camera' to take a picture is re-used from earlier. You can tell because Bond is not holding a champagne glass at the time he takes the picture, but there is a champagne glass in his hand in the shot.

Continuity mistake: When Bond grabs Stacey after the Zorin Airship blows up, you can see the fireaxe resting between them. The camera shot changes to one above them and the fireaxe has now gone.

Visible crew/equipment: If you watch very carefully when Zorin pulls Stacey into his airship, you can see a crew member reflected in the front window.

Continuity mistake: When Bond says "Well, it's not mutual." to Max Zorin outside the Rolls Royce, Zorin is standing right in front of him. In the next scene, Zorin has suddenly moved away from Bond and Scarpine is now in front of Bond.

Continuity mistake: When Zorin's men attacks Stacey's house, she throws a jar at one of them. A huge part stays on his head and he doesn't remove it when he escapes with the other. When Stacey is taking the broken parts on the floor, you can see that same huge part. At the place it is on the floor, the man had to put it gently on the floor, something he didn't.

Dr Wilson

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Roger Moore is driving the stolen firetruck he passes a gas station. When he hits the sign of the gas station you can clearly see a whole camera rig on the side of the truck.

Continuity mistake: Before Zorin says "This will hurt him more than me", the shot of the blimp is not the Zorin blimp, but the Fuji film blimp (the Fuji blimp has a green nose, whereas the Zorin blimp has a white nose with a red stripe).

Continuity mistake: When Bond puts the bearded guard on the conveyor belt in the warehouse, you can see there is nothing around him, but after a quick cut to Sir Godfrey, we return to the guard and he is now between two crates.


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