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Striking Distance

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, at the end of the car chase the murderer's car flies down the hill and on impact the trunk opens. However, when Bruce Willis sees his father on the gurney dead, cops open up the trunk and a body falls out.

Correction: Just because a trunk opens does NOT mean the contents fly out. A body would need alot of lift to fly free of a trunk, far more then seen in the first scene.

Corrected entry: In chase at the start, the cop in the passenger seat puts the siren on HIS side of the car. At the end of the chase, it's on Bruce Willis' side of the car.

Correction: Sorry, totally wrong. Watch again and you can see Bruce Willis reach down and get the light and then stick it on the car.

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We see Sarah Jessica Parker well-dressed in red without a bra. When Bruce Willis remove her red robe, she's wearing a bra.


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