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In the opening credits there is a shot of a girl standing alone on the corner of a street. This was taken from the Buffy episode "Anne", when Buffy was staying in Los Angeles.

Angel's human name was Liam. "Liam" is an Irish form of "William", so basically, Angel and Spike have the same name.

About 7 seconds into the opening theme you see the face of a young man looking up (Just before you see Angel with the sword) That young man is Phantom Dennis. He is only seen once in episode 5 of the 1st season- Room with an Vu. After that he's an unseen "character" until season 4.

Inside Out - S4-E17

Skip's line in 'Inside Out' - 'Nobody comes back from paradise. Well, maybe a Slayer once,' is a reference to BTVS, and Buffy being brought back from heaven in the episode 'Bargaining'.

Underneath - S5-E17

In the episode "Underneath", Illyria is talking about different dimensions she has visited and she says "And one world with nothing but shrimp...I tired of that one quickly." This is a reference to Buffy episode "Superstar": when Anya is explaining that there are many types of alternate realities, she says, "And there could even be a world with nothing but shrimp."

Orpheus - S4-E15

In the episode "Orpheus," the actor who played the armed robber that shoots the cashier in the diner is played by Nate Dushku. He's the older brother of Eliza Dushku who also appears in the episode as Faith.

Hell Bound - S5-E4

Angel leaves the Reaper locked in a metal cage as the camera pans slowly back so we can only see his eyes - almost exactly the same shot as when Connor left Angel trapped in the metal coffin at the end of "Tomorrow". They even say the same thing - "You get to live. Forever". Like father, like son.

You're Welcome - S5-E12

David Boreanaz was suffering knee problems during production. To keep him off his feet, a lot of his scenes were shot with him sitting down.

A Hole in the World - S5-E15

Concerning Fred's line "Handsome man saves me from the monsters," she said this as well in Pylea. Those are the first and last words she ever says to Angel.

Dad - S3-E10

Holtz is watching two people fight in a graveyard - the graveyard's blatantly the same one as used in Buffy. Doesn't really qualify as a mistake, because arguably many graveyards look alike, but fans of both series will be able to recognise it.

Untouched - S2-E4

In the episode 'Untouched' Angel asks Cordelia 'Do you have any idea how hard it is to think when you've got a rebar through you?', her reply of 'Actually, I do. Benefits of a Sunnydale education' is a reference to the BTVS episode 'Lover's Walk', in which Cordy falls through a staircase and is impaled on a rebar.

Waiting In The Wings - S3-E13

The prima ballerina is played by Summer Glau, who also appeared on "Firefly". In addition to acting, Glau is a classically trained ballerina.

Season 3 generally

By season's end, Darla has died four times: (1) in flashbacks to when she was sired by The Master, (2) when Angel dusted her in the Buffy episode "Angel", (3) when she was re-sired by Drusilla, and (4) when she dusted herself so that Connor could be born.

Supersymmetry - S4-E5

To illustrate where her speech is placed on the itinerary, Fred compares it to a baseball player batting between Nomar Garciappara and Sammy Sosa, who both played with the Chicago Cubs. While Garciappara wouldn't join that team until well after the episode aired, and nobody could have known what would happen two years in the future, it's not a mistake; but as a Cubs fan, I find it an interesting choice of comparison.

Heartthrob - S3-E1

When James and Elisabeth are expressing their love for each other, Angelus comments "give it a century". This is the same thing The Master said about Angelus and Darla's relationship.

Shells - S5-E16

When the gang is trying to figure out how Illyria got by them, Gunn says "Yeah, like she was pulling a Barry Allen. Jay Garrick? Wally... Like she was moving really fast." No one knew who he was talking about. All three name are different incarnations of The Flash.

Spin The Bottle - S4-E6

Wesley duct-taping Lorne to a pouf in the hotel lobby was Amy Acker's idea.

Soulless - S4-E11

When Angelus taunts Connor about trying to kill him and then sleeping with Cordelia, he comments, "Screwing your mom and trying to kill your dad? There should be a play." This refers to the Greek tragedy "Oedipus," in which the eponymous character unwittingly marries his mother after killing his father.

Season 5 generally

Because they were both friends with Glenn Quinn, David Boreanaz and Christian Kane were uncomfortable filming the Lindsey-posing-as-Doyle arc.

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[Sunlight in Pylea doesn't harm vampires.]
Angel: Can everybody just notice how much fire I'm not on?



At the end of the opening credits, you can see Angel's reflection in the puddle on the floor. Since he is a vampire, this should not happen.