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The Croods

New this week Continuity mistake: The position of Grugg's family on the wall that he draws near the end of the movie changes when the camera reveals the full image. This is especially noticable when Granny is further away from Ugga.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Grug is chasing after Guy, they both wind up stuck in a tar pit. After successfully escaping they are covered in tar and Grug even gets himself stuck to Guy. In the next scene everyone is running from the exploding ground up between the mountains and both Grug and Guy are completely clean and free of tar.

Daniel Gauthier

Continuity mistake: At one point, Grug gets bitten in the bum. It's clear that his undergarments are made from lion skin. Yet in the next shot where he's climbing down, his undergarments are now just plain gray.

Deliberate mistake: Grug's loin cloth gets ripped by a lion at one point. The rip magically fixes itself just moments later.


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Guy: I call them shoes.
Eep: I LOVE them! Where are my feet?
Guy: Don't worry! They're still there.


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