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The Ring Two

Continuity mistake: When Rachel takes her first bite from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in the wideshot she is chewing her bite. Then it cuts to the closeup of her, the food is suddenly gone from her mouth.

Continuity mistake: When Rachel goes in to Max's bathroom, all the water falls down from the ceiling drenching everything, but then Max comes in, and takes a dry brown towel off the rail to wrap around Aidan. Also, the white towels behind them are bone dry too.

Continuity mistake: Rachel prepares some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then brings them into the lounge. She then takes a bite out of it. Then, when she takes the second bite, then first bite she took has gone.

Audio problem: When the deer are all grunting at Rachel and Aidan, the whistle of an elk can be heard despite the fact there are no elk in the scene.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Rachel is preparing the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she places the knife on top of the open PB jar in a closeup, yet in the very next shot the knife has disappeared, the reappears again.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel is talking to Aidan at dinner, the position of her hair changes a few times. In one shot she pushes her hair behind her right ear, yet in the next shot her hair is pushed behind her left ear instead.

Visible crew/equipment: When Rachel starts to climb out of the well water onto the well wall, in the closeup of her left side as she lifts herself out of the water, a long white cord/wire hangs straight down her left side from her shirt to her pants.

Continuity mistake: After Rachel pulls Aidan out of the bath near the end (before she face Samara) as she tries to wake him up, in one shot she places her hand on his face and shouts his name. In the next shot her hand is now on his neck.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Rachel pulls up to the crime scene where Jake was killed, as she gets out of the car you can see a grid of set lights reflected in the car window door.

Continuity mistake: Rachel climbs into the ambulance so that she can witness Jake's dead body. When she unzips the bodybag, his face is angled toward her (laying to his left.) In the next shot his face is facing straight up to the ceiling.

Continuity mistake: When Rachel is in the basement looking through the book and sees the newspaper article, if you pause the film when the article appears close up, you can read some of the article. This article has nothing to do with the title and photo caption above it, about the young girl in the bathtub, it appears to be about something political. The filmmakers assumed the article would flash by too fast for the viewer to read.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Rachel is trying to get Aidan to get in the bath at Max's house, she removes the blue towel from him and throws it on the towel- rack. Then during the rest of the bathroom scene, everytime we see the blue towel in shot it is in a different position each time.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel is trying to get Emily to speak to her at the police station, near the end of her attempt the shots alternate from closeups to wider views. In the closeups, Emily's hair is very messy and tangled but in wider views it is much neater and straightened.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel begins to brake her car after seeing the deer on the road, as the shots keep changing the markings on the road also keep changing. In overhead shots the markings are a single broken yellow line, but in closeups of the wheels, the markings are solid double yellow lines.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel pulls up to the old Morgan house she parks her vehicle on the gravel drive, angled into some tall grass. Yet when she leaves the house with the book, the vehicle is now parked halfway on the main road and is no longer angled (but is now much straighter) and is not facing any tall grass.

Continuity mistake: When Rachel is working in her office and Max comes in to talk to her, during the scene the direction that the coffee mugs handle faces (on Rachel's desk) keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Jake sits down next to Emily with a bottle of drink and two empty glasses, after he sets them down on the table the two glasses are suddenly filled with drink, instantly between shots.

The Ring Two mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel is tucking Aidan into the bed at Max's house she puts a red blanket on him and then a brown blanket on top. Then during the next shots the red blanket goes from slightly visible to completely covered by the brown one and back again to being slightly visible.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, Hayden is sitting at the desk in his room and his shirt collar is wide open. His neck shows, but that's it. A moment later, when he leaves his room, and comes into the Kitchen, he wears a light grey t-shirt under the other shirt.

Visible crew/equipment: In the shot of Rachel driving up the street with Aidan just before they arrive at their new house, the car breaks right in front of the camera for a few seconds. In this shot you can clearly see the camera reflected in the left corner of the car.

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Daveigh Chase declined to appear in the sequel because of the small amount of screentime. She appears in the movie via archive footage from the first movie, and her stunt double from the first movie, Kelly Stables, plays evil Samara in this movie.