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Revealing mistake: When Supergirl is passing by the town, flying towards the mountain, she flies very close to the ground but no one looks at her.

Continuity mistake: When Supergirl crushes the rock, her hair is curly and messy. In the following shot it's brushed and straight.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Selena drives her car to the right side of the house. When the shot changes, the car is several feet further back and is now heading across the front of the entrance.

Continuity mistake: When the vortex breaks the window, the sound of glass breaking is heard but no glass pieces are seen. In a later shot, the floor is filled with tiny pieces of glass.

Supergirl mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Selena visits the school, there's a tube reflected on her window. When her car starts to move we see it's part of an umbrella-like structure used for lighting.

Supergirl mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Supergirl flies through the window to fight the invisible monster, half of the screen shows her jumping in a school uniform and the other half exiting with the Supergirl outfit. Watch closely and you'll notice that her halves don't match, giving the sense that she is missing part of her body.

Revealing mistake: In the final confrontation, when the force of shadows pulls Supergirl forward her body begins to tilt backward as she struggles. As she does, you can see the straps of her flying harness begin to peek out from underneath her super skirt.

Continuity mistake: After the red haired girl and her friend let go off the monkey wrench, they start jumping and end up close to a steel tank. In the following angle they've moved six feet back.

Revealing mistake: When Selena breaks the brick wall, the concrete holding it flutters, revealing it's a mere brown piece of fabric.

Revealing mistake: When Supergirl flies out to fight the invisible monster, the shadow of the crane lifting her is reflected on the building.

Revealing mistake: After Supergirl lands on Earth, she flies very close to a lake, but she doesn't have a reflection in the water.

Revealing mistake: When Supergirl flies towards the mountain and passes by the town close to the pavement, she casts no shadow.

Continuity mistake: When Supergirl and the principal enter the girls' dorm, the jogger girl turns around to run away twice.

Revealing mistake: When Supergirl is flying at super speed, the cars from the green-screen movie are also sped up.

Revealing mistake: When the invisible monster crushes Supergirl against a steel door, she flies to fight him and the wires holding her are visible.

Continuity mistake: At campus, Supergirl holds the road map with her left hand on the side of it. A frame later it lays on the middle of it.

Plot hole: Supergirl sends a laser beam through a wall to heat-up a monkey wrench on the other side. The beam should have burnt the wall as well.

Continuity mistake: When the red haired girl is breaking the pipes, the nerd behind hair has a couple bangs of hair on her forehead, or a lot, depending on the angle.

Other mistake: The very last scene of the movie shows Supergirl flying underwater holding the Omegadron. Oddly enough, though her body is realistic, her arms are now very thin and measure two meters long.

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