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The Stepfather

Continuity mistake: When Jerry tells Stephanie about Dr. Bondurant's death, Stephanie hugs Jerry while putting her arm over Jerry's shoulder. When it cuts, her arm is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry has put the dead doctor in the car seat, the doctor has his hands down. But when Jerry puts the car over the cliff, the doctor has his hands on the steering wheel.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry puts the dog on the ground and it runs toward Stephanie, there is an almost clear path of the lawn on the ground. When it cuts it's completely covered with leaves.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry throws all the knifes on the table he picks up a certain knife. It cuts to another shot and you see him pick up the knife again, but it isn't the same knife anymore. The knife he picked up in the first place is still on the table.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the paperboy throws the newspaper in front of Jerry's porch, the newspaper moves at least thirty feet on the lawn until he picks it up.

Continuity mistake: After Jerry hits Susann her face is covered in blood. But after falling the stairs there is no trace of any blood in her face.

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