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The Transporter

Continuity mistake: When surrounded by police and a garbage truck, Frank drives his car from the overpass onto the passing transport trailer below, then lands behind a hatchback and in front of two cars - a white compact with a sunroof and a grey hatchback. In one specific shot from atop the trailer, as Frank rolls his window down (before he requests the gun) the only vehicle behind Frank's car is the white compact, which is at the trailer's rear. Note things such as the trailer's safety bars, and the view through the compact's windshield for starters. That grey hatchback is back when the ramp is lowered, for the ensuing crashes.

Revealing mistake: On the transport trailer, Frank leans out his car window and dramatically fires at the ramp's tall lever control in a close-up, located at the rear of the transport over the tires. The problem is that the trailer has no such lever control, as seen in the previous shot before it drives under the bridge overpass!

Continuity mistake: When Frank's revenge at Wall Street's home is near an end, as Lai rolls the office chair toward the door her legs are bound to the chair base, and her hands are tied behind her back (not to the chair). When Frank finds Lai in the car, now the rope is only tied around her ankles when he removes her (and if that were the case she had no reason to hide in the car with the chair in the first place).

Plot hole: When Frank Martin steals the Mercedes, how does Lai manage to open the rear door, get in the back and hide - all with her hands bound behind an office chair? Not to mention actually closing the door and hiding herself (and the chair) in the rear footwell long enough for Frank to drive off and not notice her until they are out on the road.

Continuity mistake: When Lai is taken out of the trunk she is wearing mid-heel, pointy toe pumps. During her escape attempt and when Frank lifts her over his shoulders she is wearing black soled, round toe flats, then changes back and forth a couple more times.

Continuity mistake: When the Transporter jumps from the plane to the truck, the plane is a few feet above the truck. When he jumps it cuts to a shot form inside the plane, but you can see that they are now really high in the air. A split second later they are back to a few feet above the truck.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, near the end of that first getaway scene, the black BMW is missing its passenger side-door mirror. It reappears from time to time, depending on the shot. It is first missing the mirror as the car approaches that train yard/docks area.

Continuity mistake: When Lai has to pee and runs off down the hill, we see Frank run after her and pick the duct tape (from her mouth) up off the ground. It is obviously covered in sticks and dirt when he finds it, only to be clean when he finds her and sticks it back on her mouth.

Continuity mistake: The antenna/aerial mast located on the rear windshield/hood of Frank's BMW vanishes and reappears repeatedly. For instance, before the first shot of the two garbage collectors walking, in the closeup of the two AIC robbers in the back seat looking out through the back windshield (one screams) the antenna/aerial mast is gone.

Continuity mistake: While transporting the three AIC robbers, when Frank drives backwards down the auto transport trailer, the driver side mirror breaks as it passes the trailer's side safety bar, but that mirror is intact again by the next shot.

Revealing mistake: When oil covered Frank breaks off the bike pedals, and slips his boots into them, in a following close-up we see an extra strap around his boot and the laces are actually tied over the pedal strap, to keep them secure.

Revealing mistake: Before Frank drives off the overpass onto the transport trailer, in the close-up there is sand placed at the top of the back tire (but the rest of the tire is clean), which creates the effect of the dust cloud as the back tire begins to spin.

Plot hole: At the end of the film watch the people being released from the container very carefully. Despite being in the container for days on end, not one shields their eyes when exposed to natural sunlight. It would take several minutes for their eyes to readjust.

Visible crew/equipment: At Wall Street's home, as the two men with the axes attack Frank, when the Asian man kicks Frank in the stomach in the shot looking up, the top of the set is visible in the mirror's reflection.

Continuity mistake: When Frank begins his revenge rampage on Wall Street's men, there's a close-up of Lai bound to the office chair with duct tape across her mouth and the slit Frank made earlier is gone, so at first it's to be presumed that it's a new piece of tape. However, when Lai pokes her head out from the back seat of the car Frank stole, there is a slit in the tape, but when he pulls her and the chair out onto the road the slit's gone, only to return again when Frank brings her to his house.

Continuity mistake: When Frank reverses down the auto transport trailer's ramp, the BMW's front right (viewer's left) foglight (located on bumper) breaks off. In following shots the foglight is intact.

Continuity mistake: When oil covered Frank breaks off the bike pedals, the pedal straps are thin and non-adjustable. As he slips his boots into them in the close-up, it has a wider adjustable clasp strap.

Continuity mistake: As Lai is allowed to pee, she escapes. Frank gives chase, and she in her panic falls down the hill. Watching on DVD, you can see upskirt and note she was given flesh colored pantyhose. Before and after her tumble though, she is not wearing any.

Continuity mistake: The style of the seat and headrests in Frank's car repeatedly changes, from the time he awaits the first transport in the garage, through all the following shots. In the opening shot of the car's interior, the bottom of the headrests are sandwiched between the raised sides of the backrests. When Frank drives out of the garage the backrests do no not have raised sides and the headrests are rounder.

Continuity mistake: When Frank is shown removing his spare wheel from the trunk of the car, it appears to be a standard BMW alloy wheel (from a 740 series I believe). Then, when he is first lifting his car with the jack, the car has the standard BMW alloy wheel already installed on it, yet in the next shot where he removes the wheel, it is his own aftermarket wheel that he is removing. He is then shown installing the standard alloy wheel.


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