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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy

Revealing mistake: When the crazy bird is let out of the cage it starts flying around. Then it explodes in mid-air. A split-second before it explodes you can clearly see the size of the bird increase by about three times.

Revealing mistake: When Jesse is cleaning out his room, he puts a tape into his tape player, and presses a button down on the top of it. But halfway though the scene of him packing his things away, you can clearly see the button is no longer pressed down, yet the tape still plays.

Revealing mistake: When Gordy gets killed, it cuts to a brief shot of Jesse. When it cuts back to Gordy's body, his head moves.

Revealing mistake: Freddy bites Lisa on the leg. When she starts to kick him, you can see it's Lisa's stunt double.

Continuity mistake: When the balls start to bounce of the shelves, in one shot a basketball hits some tennis rackets which are hanging on the wall and a few of the rackets fall off the wall, but in the next shot the tennis rackets are hanging back up on the wall.

Continuity mistake: Lisa's shoes change between white flats and white sneakers at different points during the last few scenes.

Revealing mistake: When the bird is flying around acting crazy, both lamps get knocked off the tables, yet the room stays lit up.

Continuity mistake: In the start of the movie, depending on the scene, the words on the bus change between "schoolbus" and "school bus".

Continuity mistake: When the baseball hits Jesse in his head you see the ball hitting him on top of his head and bounce to the left. When it cuts the ball seem to hit him in the back of his head and fall straight down behind him.

Continuity mistake: When Jesse and Lisa first arrive at the boiler room factory, Jesse says to Lisa "How long has it been closed down?" And then Lisa replies. To the left of them you can see a large machine, which Jesse and Lisa are standing well away from. But as the shot changes, they are now standing right beside the machine.

Continuity mistake: When the bus starts to stop, a load of people get up from their seats and walk to the bus doors. But in the outside shot of the bus as it stops, nobody is standing up, and everyone gets up once again, heading for the bus doors.

Plot hole: When Freddy takes over Jesse's body at the party, there are several people watching through the patio doors when he confronts Lisa. None of these people ever make a sound, even when they see Lisa have a knife fight with a horribly disfigured man with long knives coming out of his fingers. The other party goers are completely oblivious to Freddy's presence until he comes jumping through the glass doors.

Continuity mistake: When the two boys are told to assume the position, the amount of grass on their tops changes between camera angles.

Continuity mistake: When Jesse's dad is talking about the air conditioning in Jesse's room, Jesse's sister puts the cereal box on the table. Then in the next wide shot she has the cereal box back in her hands, then puts it back on the table once again.

Continuity mistake: When Jesse and Lisa are making out on the floor you see Jesse holding Lisa's arm. When it cuts, Jesse has both his hands on Lisa's breasts.

Continuity mistake: When Lisa's mother turns off the light you see two guys wearing blue shirts standing outside. When they see the light turns off they turn around. When it cuts they turn around again.

Continuity mistake: When Jessie sits on the ground after being hit by the baseball you see him about to get up. Then Schneider approaches him and when it cuts you see Jessie sitting still.

Continuity mistake: When the bus starts to speed up, it passes a stop with some people waiting there. There is a little girl on a tricycle waiting, and she is pointing to the bus, but in the next shot of her, her hand is down.

Continuity mistake: At breakfast, when Jesse's sister goes to sit where Jesse is about to sit, Jesse says "No!" to her and she sits back in her chair, still trying to get the plastic claws out of the cereal box. As she tries to get the claws out, she is holding the top of the cereal box with her left hand. Then in the next closeup of her, her hand is down by her side.

Visible crew/equipment: When the balls are all bouncing of their shelves, there is one closeup of three balls, one basketball that bounces off, then two white footballs which roll off the shelf. You can clearly see a wire attached to one of the footballs.

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Make-up effects artist Kevin Yagher replaced David Miller, who designed the Freddy make-up for the original. Yagher only had a few pictures and what was shot from the original film to refer to, so he redesigned Freddy's look. Yagher studied pictures of burn victims and brought out the facial bones more than how Miller had done it.