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Reno 911!

Season 1 generally

Easter egg: Season 1 DVD - Highlight Episode 2 on the main menu. Then click your right arrow once, and the blue thumbtack will be highlighted. Hit "Enter" and you will see Season 1, Episode 10 (Burning Man Festival) with the audio turned down very low and the cast members reenacting the sounds, including the theme music.

Season 2 generally

Easter egg: In Season 2, Disc 3 go to the extra features. Go down to Alternate/Deleted Scenes and push right. Lt. Dangles shorts should light up. Push play and you will see the last episode of Season 2 but with voiceovers by other people.

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After the credits, the word "Briefing" is spelled "Breifing" in the shot with the caption "Morning Breifing 6:58 A.M."



Most of the dialogue on this program is improvised by the actors.


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