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Professor Lazarus

30th Nov 2013

Doctor Who (2005)

The Day of the Doctor - S7-E16

Continuity mistake: When the three Doctors have all just managed to stop Gallifrey being destroyed, The War Doctor shouts 'Thank you Bad Wolf Girl!' At this moment the Tenth Doctor's hair is spiked up and messy but then immediately in the next shot when he is next to Rose and he questions what The War Doctor just said, his hair is flat and neat again.

28th Jun 2013

Friends (1994)

The One With Two Parties - S2-E22

Other mistake: When Ross is at Monica's party getting Mr. Green's glasses and cigarettes he bumps into Mrs. Green and ends up having to come up with an alibi for the glasses and cigarettes. He then puts the glasses on, puts a cigarette in his mouth and says 'In fact I'm gonna go out into the hallway and fire up this bad boy'. At this point he walks past Rachel but he stops still as if frozen mid-step just before the shot cuts to him walking out into the hallway.

23rd Jun 2013

Casino Royale (2006)

Trivia: When Bond is sending his resignation there is a quick shot of his emails. If you look at the email addresses, they are all (or most of them) people who worked on the production of Casino Royale - A few I have noticed and looked up are Chris McBride (computer & video supervisor), David Hicks (lead motion graphics designer) and Neil Pinkawa (lead screen graphics artist).

Question: Throughout the film, are there a series of deliberate 'Back to the Future' references? I noticed two straight away - Daniel says 'If you put your mind to it anything is possible, you can do anything' which is repeated several times during BTTF. Also, when Daniel and Kumiko are at the dance, the song 'Earth Angel' can be heard. The song at the climax of the dance in BTTF. Are these deliberate, as BTTF was a year before this movie?

Answer: No it is not deliberate. what Daniel says is a common saying, and Earth Angel was a popular song. coincidence at best.

3rd Jun 2013

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Revealing mistake: Just after the scene where Tony meets Justin Hammer, Tony is looking at himself in the bathroom mirror and the supposed 'mirror' Tony raises his hand to suck on his bleeding finger. However, we can see the back of the also supposed 'real' Tony, he also raises his hand as the camera zooms into the mirror, but his hand movement is much later than the hand movement of the 'mirror' Tony. Therefore proving that both Tony's are two completely different actors so when zooming in, the camera could create the illusion of a mirror without the camera filming itself.

19th Feb 2013

Doctor Who (2005)

The Shakespeare Code - S3-E2

Audio problem: When the Doctor and Martha are watching Shakespeare in the Globe, Martha says "He's a bit different to his portraits". After she says this on the left of the screen the Doctor's head comes into shot and you can clearly see by his facial expressions he is saying something to Martha, yet no sound is heard.

Bowling - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: In the side of the story when Lois takes the boys, Malcolm has some kiddy bumpers put in to help him bowl. In the next scene when Reese is about to tell Beth the joke, you can see the lane which Malcolm was just at but there are no bumpers in the gutters. Then later when Malcolm stands up to Lois they are back in the gutters.

12th Jan 2013

Robin Hood (2006)

Lost in Translation - S3-E3

Audio problem: Near the end Robin's men all push barrels of oil over to to create a wall of fire, trapping the Sheriff and his guards inside the castle. When Robin picks up the flaming arrow he shoots it at the oil where it sticks firmly in the ground, but if you listen closely when the arrow hits the floor there is the sound of the arrow bouncing against stone - it couldn't make that noise if it hit the ground directly and stuck there.

22nd Nov 2012

Doctor Who (2005)

The Stolen Earth (1) - S4-E12

Trivia: When Harriet Jones is explaining the sub-wave network to the Doctor's companions she says "It was created by the Mr. Copper Foundation" This is a reference to Mr. Copper from 'Voyage of the Damned' who stayed to live on Earth and who probably would have had the advanced technology from the planet Stow where he came from.

22nd Nov 2012

Friends (1994)

The One With The Kips - S5-E5

Audio problem: When Rachel and Ross are in Central Perk, Ross says "Well there's this one thing." Then it cuts to a shot of the side of his head where he says "Okay" and it doesn't match his lips.

Continuity mistake: When Pavel picks up the tire from the outhouse, it is a thin tyre with vertical lines, when Bruno is swinging on the tyre a few shots later, it is a thick tyre with lines both vertical and horizontal.

25th Jul 2012

Doctor Who (2005)

Voyage of the Damned - S3-E16

Question: I just wanted to check before I post it as a mistake. When Morvin and Foon are fixing the Host, Foon says she spent 5000 credits on phone calls and that they'll never be able to pay it off. At the end of the episode, the Doctor tells Mr. Copper that he has 50,000,056 credits on his card which he says is equal to £1,000,000. According to this calculation, the 5000 credits that Foon spent, divided by 50.000056 = £99.999888. Surely even though they work on a milk market they'd be able to pay that off easily, wouldn't they

Answer: Depends on how much money they made at the market. For some people, a £99 expense WOULD be too much to pay off.

17th Jul 2012

Doctor Who (2005)

The Poison Sky (2) - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Luke teleports and switches places with the Doctor on the Sontaran ship, Luke catches the hand bomb thing twice, once in the wide shot and then again in his POV.

7th Oct 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

The Family of Blood (2) - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: When Timothy opens the watch into the girl's eyes, Jeremy Baines shouts "Timelord", then a few seconds later; "What are we waiting for. ATTACK!" There is then a shot looking down on the scarecrows, Jeremy and Jenny. If you look closely at Jeremy Baines, it's a different actor playing him.

4th Sep 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

The End of Time: Part Two - S4-E18

Deliberate mistake: When the Doctor visits all his recent companions before he dies, he goes to a book signing of "The Journal of Impossible Things" written by Joan Redfern's great grandchild. When she is signing the book for the Doctor, you can hear the scratching effect from the pen but you can clearly see that the pen isn't touching the paper.

Cliques - S3-E21

Visible crew/equipment: When Hal rebuilds the track of dominoes, he walks out and slams the the door. This starts the dominoes falling. When it comes up to a shot of the American flag in dominoes, if you look closely to the left of the screen you can see a hand pushing it over.