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Silent Hill: Revelation

Continuity mistake: In the first movie the "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign is on the right. In this movie it's on the left.

Plot hole: There is a scene where Heather pulls the mask off one of the cult-members, and the air literally poisons him, causing his skin to discolor and his throat to choke up. This never happens before or after. Vincent claims that those particular cult-members have superstitions about the air being poisonous, but there are a multitude of problems with this explanation: A) We have seen numerous other people go unaffected by the air, and B) we later see several of these same cult-members in the sanctuary, unmasked, breathing the same "poisonous" air with no adverse effects. (And Claudia had stated that even the sanctuary is no longer safe from the darkness of Silent Hill, so they are technically breathing the same "poison" air that's outside).

Continuity mistake: When Heather is in the elevator, and the monster slashes it up, the hole on top changes to a bigger cut in the next shots.

Revealing mistake: When Rose is in the mirror, her hand is under the husbands, when she removes it his hand moves along with it, but his real hand doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: When Pyramid Head cuts the prisoners arms off, one falls in front of Heather, the distance between heather and the arm change between shots.

Audio problem: When Heather is reading her dads note in the car to Silent Hill, the letter and the voice over do not match. (the second paragraph starts off by saying: "But you desire" and the last word right before "I love you" is "place" but through out the reading you do not hear those words.

Continuity mistake: In the first film, "Red Pyramid" is portrayed as absolutely massive. (Judging by the scene in which he rips a cultist's skin off, he is about 10-12' tall) Yet, as evidenced in the final fight sequence, he appears to be significantly smaller in this film. (7-8' tall).

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Claudia transforms into the final creature after touching the seal/amulet, her human body begins to disintegrate. As she screams and the scene cuts from a medium shot to a closeup, all of her hair suddenly vanishes between shots.

Revealing mistake: When the blind guy puts the Seal or key into his chest you can see for the first two times he "hits" it to his chest, that he is not hitting himself at all.

Revealing mistake: When Heather is in Silent hill, (right after the Mannequin part.) and talks to Alessa's mother, if you look at her nostrils you can see two rings of clean skin. (the rings are there for make-up reasons) but then after the flashback they are gone.

Continuity mistake: When Heather comes home to see that her dad is missing. She sees the Come to Silent Hill, and the lamp is some what on the chair's arm. When the cops come in the room the lamp changes.

Visible crew/equipment: When the cart falls over with the nurses, when it hits the ground, the camera shakes.

Continuity mistake: When Heather is in the mall and sees the guy hanging upside down, the way the man rips the flesh looks and moves is fake, you can see the hole of were the flesh ends.

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Sean Bean, who appears as Harry/Christopher, is notorious for having "died" onscreen in many of his roles. (He is currently one of the top 5 actors who have had the most on-screen deaths) While his character does indeed survive the film, he is briefly seen dying in a dream-sequence, making this film technically count as a film in which he both dies onscreen, but also a film he survives.