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Final Destination 5

Continuity mistake: During the bridge collapse scene, when Olivia is crawling on the beam, she is first seen on the part of the beam that is closer to Sam. Almost instantly afterwards, she is on the part of the them that is closer to Molly. The space between the two beams increases significantly between the two shots as well.

Continuity mistake: During Isaac's death in the massage parlor, after his phone rings during the acupuncture scene the elderly woman takes his phone and puts it on the edge of the shelf near a candle, however in the next shot the phone is not on the edge of the shelf but further into the shelf and right next to the candle.


Continuity mistake: When the bus is falling into the river, some items fall down on to the window with Issac. However the camera cuts and the items have disappeared.

The Demon

Continuity mistake: When Peter and Molly are talking at the start, the amount of bend in Candice's straw changes between angles.

The Demon

Continuity mistake: When Molly parks her car right at the start of the film, she parks and then the camera cuts to the two guys talking who walks over to Molly. When he walks over she parks her car again.

The Demon

Continuity mistake: In the premonition right near the end, you see the truck hanging over the bridge and that is how the poles and that sheet of metal kill two of the main characters. Yet when they run to the end of the bridge, the truck is not hanging over the edge.

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In the scene after Candice dies the guys are at the office having a drink. Watch carefully - when Olivia is leaving she knocks a photo on the floor; this is a photo of her and a friend. Look at the bottom right of that picture and you will see the logo of the roller coaster From Final Destination 3.


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