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Dragons Forever

Continuity mistake: When Jackie, Tim and Luke are at the bar, the bartender places a glass of milk beside Jackie's right hand. When it cuts, it's between his hands.

Visible crew/equipment: During the fight on the boat Jackie runs up some stairs and is attacked by a thug, Jackie kicks him in his crotch making him fall down the stairs on to another thug. As the thugs land on the ground you can see the blue crash mat they fall on.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is at Timothy's the fish inside the glass tubes change position between the shots during the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie is handing over the envelope with money to Nancy, the angle in which Jackie holds the envelope changes between the shots.

Continuity mistake: After beating up the two thugs, Luke's phone rings inside his suitcase. He place the suitcase on the ground standing up, but when it cuts the suitcase is lying on the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie says "Neither of us is gonna survive if we go on attacking each other" to Hua, we see Hua sitting normal. When it cuts his hand with the cigar is suddenly raised up by his mouth.

Continuity mistake: When Luke stumbles over his suitcases he knocks them all over. When it cuts the red suitcase is back up.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie pulls the thug out of the car before kicking him into the water, the car door is wide open. When it cuts the door is almost entirely closed.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie and Nancy is at his place and they are sitting on the couch having a drink, the pillows on the couch change position between the shots.

Continuity mistake: The pattern of the broken glass Tim jumps through at the end change between the shots.

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