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Memoirs of a Geisha

Nobu comes to find Sayuri in her new job making kimonos and advises her that he needs her to help him get a deal with some Americans to re-build his business. She agrees and goes to Mameha to convince her to help her once again become a geisha. They entertain the Americans and Nobu expresses his feelings to Sayuri who refuses because she loves the Chairman who showed her great kindness when she was a little girl. Later, the Chairman comes and finds her and tells her he remembers her and that all this time he's paved the way of her becoming a geisha (ever since she was Mameha's student). Sayuri and the Chairman express their love for one another.

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When Hatsumomo and Sayuri are fighting in the bedroom, as they are wrestling on the floor you can see a sound tech in the left upper corner try to move away from the action.


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