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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

New this month Other mistake: As the boys make their escape on bikes toward the end of the movie, the boy in the blue jacket proclaims "we made it." Then 15 or so government guys burst into view trying to grab him, and the boy acts surprised. The problem with this is all the boys are cycling in the centre of a fairly wide road, those guys would have already been on the road and in full view quite a while before the boy yelled in triumph.


Continuity mistake: When the boys are trying to get away from the government agents on their bicycles, riding and maneuvering through their neighborhood, the stunt double for Elliot (extremely identifiable due to the red hooded sweatshirt) visibly wipes out. The next shot, meant to be continuous, shows Elliot upright and riding with the other boys.

Other mistake: While the kids are huddled around the kitchen table, Elliott is saying his lines, while Gertie is actually moving her lips, saying those same lines on the right side of the screen.

Continuity mistake: While Elliot and E.T. are saying goodbye to each other at the spaceship, you see Elliot's mom sink to her knees. Then, you see a close-up shot of Elliot and E.T. looking at each other and you can see her white shirt in the background as she gets back up, but in then there is a close up of her face as she gets up again.

Revealing mistake: When the boys are racing away on their bicycles from the Feds, the stunt doubles for Elliott and his friends are obviously way too tall to be children.

Continuity mistake: The street the boys turn onto during the chase, when the boy says "we made it," isn't the same street as they had turned into. There should have been houses, but instead there were just trees and cars.

Continuity mistake: Many of the night scenes take place in the back yard, or in the cornfield which is shown to be behind the back yard. Daytime shots show the house to be in the suburbs, on a hill, with no cornfield or possible space for a cornfield.

Bruce Trestrail

Deliberate mistake: At the end of the film when E.T. is leaving, there is a bright light from the ship, and wind and dust from the spaceship's liftoff. But when the spaceship has lifted off and has flown into space and made a rainbow, they show Elliot and the others and there is still the shining light, plus wind and dust blowing for no reason.

Continuity mistake: By the railing, ET picks up all of the candy. A shot later a new Reese piece appears on the rug.


Continuity mistake: When Mike and his friends are playing Dungeons and Dragons, Greg is on the phone requesting "Papa Oom Mow Mow." Towards the end of his call, Greg repeats the song's name twice. Look over Elliott's right shoulder in the next shot where he asks Steve's permission to join in: the phone is on the hook, but Greg is still talking to the DJ somehow.


Revealing mistake: When Elliot, Michael, and E.T. arrive at the park after escaping the scientists, a ramp can be seen where they drive over the curb.

Continuity mistake: After Elliot frees the frog, notice a group of kids in the background with a blonde girl in a blue dress on the left: they're either watching Elliot in awe, or looking down at their books. This changes back and forth several times.


Continuity mistake: When Gertie places a pot of wilting flowers onto the Radio Flyer wagon, an 'enter' sign can be seen on Elliott's bedroom door with a handwritten paper saying 'do not' taped upon it. After she knocks, Mike opens the door to let her in - but the 'do not' paper is now tucked behind the 'enter' sign instead.


Audio problem: When Mary is reading Peter Pan to Gertie, her shadow's lips don't match up with the words she is saying.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene of E.T., where E.T. is saying goodbye to Elliot, E.T. rubs Elliot's shoulders, then removes his hands from Elliot's shoulders. The shot then changes angles from behind Elliot to behind E.T. Upon changing the angle, E.T.'s hands can be seen back on Elliot's shoulder. When the shot alternates between the two angles (for about ten seconds) so does E.T.'s hands alternate being on or off of Elliot's shoulders.

Other mistake: This concerns the 2002-Version. For this version a lot of scenes have been changed/remastered digitally, e.g. E.T.'s mimic, the flapping of Elliot's coat during the bike flight, or some cloud movement during the night scenes. Even the guns were changed into walkie talkies. But every person who was holding a walkie talkie is still pointing out his trigger finger as if holding a gun.

Continuity mistake: When Elliot opens the book with the solar system, the book pages are folded, yet a frame later, from a different angle, the book is opened wide.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Elliot burps, the pencil on his desk disappears between shots. Also, the paper swaps from laying on the edge to several centimeters away.


Other mistake: When ET walks to the fridge, there's a shot of Elliot's classroom with the camera moving towards him. Watch the chubby kid on the right, who can't help staring at the camera for a brief second.


Audio problem: When the kids walk to the shed to check out what Elliot saw, one makes a sound to scare the mother, but she jumps out slightly before the sound is heard.


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Elliot: Okay, he's a man from outer space, and we're taking him to his spaceship.
Greg: Well, can't he just beam up?
Elliot: This is reality, Greg.



The little blonde girl Elliott kisses when the frogs are released is Erika Eleniak, who went on to become a Baywatch babe.


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