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101 Dalmatians

Revealing mistake: When the nanny comes home with the tags, they call Jewel to get hers first. Jewel has a penis.

Other mistake: When Cruella gets angry after offering the couple £7000 for the puppies and they refuse the offer, she storms out of their house and heads for the car. She then hits one of the two stooges and as she goes to get in the car you can clearly hear her say the word "fu*k".

Continuity mistake: Shortly after Jasper & Horace steal the puppies, a blue Renault 4 is seen going past the entrance to the mews. About 3 seconds later it goes past again in the same direction.

Continuity mistake: When Cruella steps out of her car she pours ash on the doorman's shoe. In the next shot the shoe is spotless.

Continuity mistake: When Roger's bike is about to crash against the blue truck, the truck skids right next to the curb. When the angle changes, it's half a meter away from the curb.

Continuity mistake: When the puppies are watching the television, you can see that they are watching Homeward Bound. The three animals are standing on the hill, about to head home. A few minutes later, when the nanny comes inside, we see the TV again and Shadow is with Peter. This happens at least 10 minutes after the animals are on the hill.

Other mistake: In the scene where the two robbers are following the puppy trails through the woods and are nearing exhaustion they spot the police convoy coming along the road. The cars appear to be mostly Range Rovers. In a latter scene though, Cruella joins them in the prison van and the convoy of police cars is seen to be leaving the village, but most of the police cars appear to have changed to Land Rover Discovery's, instead of the earlier Range Rovers.

Continuity mistake: When Pongo pulls Roger's bike across the London streets, all the passers by and the people who duck and fall, differ between the angles shot from the front and from behind.

Continuity mistake: When the movie starts, an alarm clock falls on Pongo, whose paws are on the floor, with the carpet wrinkled behind his legs. A frame later the paws are on the carpet, which is all over the place.

Continuity mistake: After Roger says goodbye to Anita at the park, his trousers clean themselves.

Continuity mistake: During the bicycle chase, the pavement and curb keep swapping from soaked to dry back and forth.

Continuity mistake: When the movie ends, police cars are about to leave and a puppy is running ahead of a brown dog, yet in the immediate close up they are walking side by side.

Continuity mistake: When Cruella falls in the mud, her head keeps changing positions, as does the amount of dirt, randomly, between shots.

Revealing mistake: In the mansion where the two flunkies are chasing the puppies that are to be skinned, one of them flies off the roof, through the stone battlements and crashes into a frozen pond. You can clearly see the stonework landing around him in the pond and bouncing/floating.

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