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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the guys are betting that Jim Street can beat TJ in shooting practice, TJ takes off his glasses and talks to Hondo; in the next shot they're back on his face and he takes them off again.

Continuity mistake: When the bad guy gets on the bus to retrieve Montel, he takes the keys from the dead guard, in the next shot he takes the keys again.


Revealing mistake: In the playing card target shooting sequence, Colin Farrell shoots an ace from the front but the card explodes from the rear. A squib was used to make the hole in the card, blowing the pieces outward instead of inward.

Revealing mistake: When the S.W.A.T. Team is going after TJ and the ex SWAT member in the subway station, they say they are at the 7th/Metro Station. If you look on the wall after the subway moves, the signage says Wilshire/Normandie.

Factual error: In the scene where the Learjet takes off the jet starts to roll. Then there is the shooting with the SWAT team, towards the end of the shooting the pilot pushes the power levers forward to accelerate. Regarding the short take off run they had on the bridge, the pilot would have stayed on the brakes until the engines were at full thrust, then released the brakes, started rolling and wouldn't touch the power levers until after liftoff or in emergency.

Continuity mistake: When Montel is in the restaurant with his uncle, he lays the knife on the table on its side with the blade facing him. In the next shot, without anyone touching the knife, the blade edge is facing up pointed at the uncle.

Continuity mistake: During the bus scene TJ stops Montel from getting away by crashing the beige car into the cop car that Montel tried driving away in. When he does this the beige car drives into the intersection crashing into a blue car. Then the angle changes and shows the beige car undamaged but the blue car was damaged.

Visible crew/equipment: When Colin Farrell and Sam Jackson pull up in the street and hear LL Cool J's message about the escaping suspect, the whole camera crew can be seen reflected in the car's door.

Continuity mistake: After the scene were the helicopter is shot down by the sniper we see a large piece of the helicopter (possibly a piece of the rotor) dislodge and get stuck in the side of an air vent. Then shot changes to show the copter crash into the street below. When the shot changes back to show the S.W.A.T members getting up there is a clear shot of the air vent with no piece of metal sticking out of it.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the scene right before Street and Hondo are in the car talking about where they used to serve the camera shot from outside shows the car driving along the road and also a man with a blue cap and backpack looking into the camera, then quickly turning his head away.

Continuity mistake: Right before the team gets paged for the first time, you see one of the members having a glass of wine. After he takes a sip, you see his hand still near his mouth. The camera angle changes and his hand is no longer near his mouth. Camera angle changes again and his hand is back near his mouth.


Continuity mistake: During the escape attempt from the bus, one of the bad guys is seen standing in front of the fake police car waving off real police cars pulling up to the scene. The camera angle changes and you now see the same bad guy leaning up against the police car not doing anything.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the SWAT team encounters the Lear jet on the 6th Street bridge , the limo that the SWAT team commandeered has multiple bullet holes along the driver's side. The direction of all the firepower encountered by the limo was from directly in front (the 2 parked cars and the jet). I assume the sideshots came from the "airport security" blockade at the entry to the 6th Street bridge but were edited from the final film.

Continuity mistake: When Street and Sanchez are at the bar they sit down and you see Sanchez taking her jacket off. Camera angle changes and she is seen taking off her jacket again.


Continuity mistake: When Street tells his partner that he's staying with the team, his partner walks up to him and pushes him back into the mirror above the sink. You see Street taking a few steps away from the sink and standing straight up. The camera angle changes and you now see Street sitting on the edge of the sink.


Continuity mistake: During the sequence when the Mexican gang is trying to take down the police escort that has Montel; right before the first 18-wheeler hits the first two police cars, there is no one in the left car but there is when they are hit.

Factual error: In the bus escape scene, when the fake police man enters the bus and shoots the busdriver in the head, the bullet makes a hole in the window but there is no blood. If a bullet exits the head so close to the glass you would see something on the glass.

Continuity mistake: In the tunnels, Colin Farrell says "it's this way" and his earpiece is already in. As the angle changes, he's putting his earpiece in.

Continuity mistake: When Montell is pulled over in his dead uncle's car, the camera cuts to the 2 motorcycle officers attempting to stop him, you see both motorcycles have their headlights on as well as emergency lights. When it goes back to Montell looking in the rear-view mirror at them, you see one of the motorcycles headlights is now off and the strobe patterns have changed as well.

Visible crew/equipment: At the end, when asked where the team would like to go, the camera, the mount and a boom mic are all reflected in the front of the truck.

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