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Boat Trip

Factual error: Inga comes from Gettzem├╝llersteigen, Sweden. However the Swedish alphabet does not contain the letter ├╝. Also the combination of the letters in this name would never occur in the Swedish language, rather in German languages.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry faints, Nick drags him out pulling him by his right hand, which then switches to the left in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When the coach is grabbing Inga's buttocks, she is seen grabbing them with both hands but when the camera angle changes her right hand is at her side. Happens twice during the scene each time she grabs them.

Continuity mistake: When Nick and Jerry find that they are on a gay cruise, Jerry faints and Nick drags him along by the arm. Nick then passes through a door and the door closes right away. If Nick was really pulling Jerry, the door would have hit him.

Continuity mistake: When Nick sees Inga eating the ice cream she is leaning on the end of the bar. Camera angle changes when he walks into the bar and she is now sitting straight up.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Jerry jumps off the airplane to meet Gabriella, the ship is moving at full speed ahead. When Jerry lands in the ship's swimming pool, the ship is obviously standing still. The water in the background is not moving.

Continuity mistake: When Cuba is doing the "I'm Coming Out" number on stage, he has a gold waist band which is off in one shot then back on then off again then back on.

Continuity mistake: When the coach catches Nick in her bed, she is seen with her legs bent at the knees, but when the camera angle changes, her legs are spread eagled.

Continuity mistake: When they go to the travel agent, they are talking to him and there is no post-it note on the computer monitor. A few minutes later when the travel agent is told his mother died and that he didn't read the post it note, it is now visible.

Continuity mistake: Right after Jerry throws up on Felicia, the camera angle is a wide view and you see them standing in the gondola talking with their arms at their sides. The camera angle changes to a close up and Felicia is now wiping her chest from him throwing up.

Continuity mistake: When they are lying on the bed, Nick is holding the closed brochure. The camera angle changes and the brochure is now folded open to the page you hear him telling Jerry to check out.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is talking to Gabriella on the bed, she is seen leaning on her elbows but when the camera angle changes she is now seen laying on her side. Camera angle changes again and she is seen leaning on her elbows again.

Continuity mistake: After Nick shoots down the helicopter with the flare gun, you see him drop the flare gun at his feet. The camera angle changes and the gun is now pushed up against the railing.

Continuity mistake: When Nick sees Marshall at the bar, as they are talking, the extra in the background with the bandana on his head keeps jumping from left to right as the camera angles change between them talking. Happens throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry goes to sit down at his computer desk, you see a paper holder on his desk that is facing east to west. The camera angle changes to him sitting, and it is now facing north to south.

Continuity mistake: When Nick shoots the helicopter, it crashes behind the boat but the girls appear at the front of the boat.

Continuity mistake: When Cuba Gooding Jr. and his fiance are talking and she is stunned that she didn't know he was gay, Cuba has a dollar-sign necklace on but when he was singing and dancing to "I'm Coming Out", sometimes he's wearing it and sometimes he's not.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry throws up on Felicia you see her put her hands straight up in disgust. The camera angle changes and her arms are now spread to her sides.

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