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Just Married

Just Married (2003)

103 mistakes

Directed by: Shawn Levy

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Just Married mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, Sarah and Tom are at the airport returning from their honeymoon. While walking through the airport, Tom pushes Sarah and she gets coffee spilled on her shirt. Later, when she approaches Tom in the parking lot for a ride home, the coffee stain has suddenly disappeared from her shirt in this shot.

Revealing mistake: When Sarah is leaning over Tom to speak to Yuan on the intercom at the McNerney gate, Yuan is looking at the monitor in the kitchen. The monitor shows the car and there is a person wearing a white shirt sitting in the passenger seat of Tom's car. It can't be Sarah, who was sitting in the passenger seat, but now is leaning over Tom in the driver's seat, plus she is wearing a red coat.

Continuity mistake: After coming back from the honeymoon, Tom, having two reddish bruises on his cheeks, walks into KNR Radio for his 2 AM stint and chats with Fred. However, after recalling all the memories, Tom walks out of KNR Radio a few hours later and speaks with Kyle, but the reddish bruises are no longer there.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Tom accidentally kills Sarah's dog, he is seen reading a magazine while struggling with the dog. The dog continues to gnaw at Tom's ankle, and eventually rips open his snap pants. In a couple of the shots, you can see an ankle brace that Ashton Kutcher wore to protect him from the dog's bites.

Factual error: In the scene where Tom and Sarah are in the French castle, there's a flag hanging in the background. This is the official flag of the Austrian province of Tyrol although the whole scene plays in France.

Continuity mistake: After Tom causes coffee to be spilled on Sarah at the airport, the coffee stain changes shape on Sarah's top in the rest of the shots, including when she's dropped off at her parents' home.

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Continuity mistake: During their sightseeing in Italy, Sarah and Tom pose for an artist who sketches the two of them. In the first shot, their portrait is tacked on the left of the easel with two other portraits. In the next close-up, their portrait is tacked on the right of the easel.

Continuity mistake: After Tom sees Peter kissing Sarah, when she enters the room he accuses her of wanting Peter. Seen behind Tom is his blue backpack and part of his red sweatshirt on the same chair as Wendy's red bra. There's a close-up of the chair when Sarah spots the bra and it's seen again when she picks up the bra. The red sweatshirt is positioned differently in each of these shots.

Continuity mistake: After having the bloody nose, Sarah leaves the bathroom with blood still under her left nostril and lies down. In the next shot, a close-up, the blood is not under the nostril and she did not wipe it away.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Tom and Sarah both have tissue up their noses, the position, size and length of Tom's tissue changes throughout the whole scene.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah and Peter pull up to Peter's friends' house in Italy, Peter gets out of the car. Inside the car, you can see the middle bit where the champagne was and in the seat next to it, you can see there is nothing or no one there. That is where Sarah is supposed to be sitting. But in the next shot you see Sarah just starting to get out of the car, which means you should have been able to see her.

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Continuity mistake: When Kyle is sleeping on the couch, in the wide shots from upstairs and downstairs the golf bag is behind his right shoulder. In the close-ups the golf clubs are behind his left shoulder. The sandwich, paper towel, mustard bottle, lamp behind couch also change in these shots.

Revealing mistake: When Sarah walks into an artist and subsequently falls, she brushes up against the fresh canvas on the easel and falls into the wet paint brush he is holding in his hand. The paint is supposedly wet on this painted canvas and paint brush, as the artist is seen with his brush applying paint to this painting. If this were the case, then the paint would have smeared onto her, the red coat or her purse when she brushed up against it as she was falling or when she was on the ground, which is seen on the screen.

Continuity mistake: As Sarah starts to walk on the foot bridge, on her right there are artists and their easels, canvases, etc. In the following wide shots, close-up, pan down to the Hotel Gianna and pan up from the water, the position and existence of canvases, easels, sketch box, etc. changes throughout these shots.

Continuity mistake: At the Hotel DuReve, the bellboy is in the room with Tom and Sarah. As Tom asks about Satellite TV, the white lace pillow is lying on the bed and Tom's right red draw string is caught up by his shoulder under his jacket. In their next close-up, Tom's red hood, jacket, zipper and red draw string are different, as is the white lace pillow which is now upright.

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Revealing mistake: Tom and Sarah are in the lavatory on the airplane fooling around. She sits on the counter and puts her hand on the faucet. Before it starts to spray water, we see the hole that was drilled into the side of the spout in order to make it spray the water sideways!

Continuity mistake: Tom and Sarah are on the plane returning from their honeymoon, and in the close-up when Tom tries to sit down you can see in the background two overhead compartments closed. However, in the full view of the compartment those overheads are now open. No one closed them between shots.

Continuity mistake: Tom throws the snowball at the blue car, it hits the rear windshield and flies off to the side as the car stops short. The snowball does not leave any snow on the windshield, however in the next shot as the blue car backs up, there's snow on the rear windshield now. Then in the next two close-ups of the blue car the snow's gone from the rear windshield again.

Continuity mistake: Sarah lies down with Tom at her side, on their wedding night, with tissue under her upper lip in the wide shot, yet in the next close-up the tissue is gone, not hidden, just gone. This is due to editing from a longer sequence.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Tom and Sarah are standing beside their car which is stuck in the snow, Tom throws a snowball at a passing blue car. The driver then reverses into their yellow compact, which is pushed easily over the cliff. You can see that there is very little snow covering their yellow car, as opposed to the shots right before it.

Continuity mistake: At the Hotel Gianna, when Tom and Wendy are in the hallway, he unlocks the door. In the hallway, there is a ceramic vase next to the lamp on the marble top table. Then Wendy goes after Tom and in the next shot from inside the room the hallway is seen, the lamp is on the table, but the ceramic vase is not there.

Just Married mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Tom drives out of the parking garage, 'Just Married!' is on the back window of his car. In the very next shot, pulling up to Sarah's parents' home, 'Just Married!' is seen again, but it is written differently than in the previous shot, most noticeably the heart over the letter 'i' disappears. Then when pulling away from the house, the 'Just Married!' is different yet again.

Continuity mistake: At the Hotel Gianna, Sarah gives Tom the telephone to speak with her father and there is a cloth hanging over the side of the wine bucket near the chaise lounge. Then when Tom hangs up the phone, the cloth is now inside the wine bucket. No one touched it.

Continuity mistake: After crashing through the wall at the Pensione, Tom and Sarah are lying on another couple's bed. In the wide shot Tom's head is near a bunch of plaster and certain colors in the crochet blanket. Sarah's watch face is seen too. Next shot Tom's head is not where it was before and Sarah's watch face is under her wrist now. Her hand is on his shoulder and her hair hangs in front of her left shoulder. The next shot her hand is lower on his chest and her hair is not in front of her left shoulder.

Continuity mistake: Tom and Sarah are on the deck at her house and Tom takes hold of her hand and stands very close. In the next shot, he's not holding her hand and they stand further apart.

Continuity mistake: When Tom's leg is being harassed by Bags, in the wide shots Tom's left sleeve of his football jersey is tucked up with plenty of blue showing. However, in the close-ups the sleeve is tucked further up, to the red stripe.

Continuity mistake: When Tom recalls the incident with Bags, in the wide shot he puts the pen into his left hand that also holds the magazine and then reaches for the ball. In the next close-up, still reaching for the ball, the pen is now in his mouth, not his hand.

Continuity mistake: At 'Caffe [sic] America', Wendy and Tom are dancing. Tom's holding a Bud Light and the label is at his fingertips, but in the next shot his hand is lower and the label is under his palm.

Continuity mistake: While walking along the foot bridge with artists, Sarah walks into an artist, trips and falls. In the first shot of her actually falling, she is between the artist on her left and the easel, as she somersaults between them. Yet in the next shot, different camera angle, her face is where her feet landed in the previous shot and the artist is now behind her, to her right.

Continuity mistake: When Tom and Sarah crash through to the room next door at the Pensione, their room is seen beyond the rubble. Sarah's duct taped handbag is on the chair and her red suitcase is lying on the floor next to the chair. However just before they crash through the wall, while fooling around, Sarah's coat is on top of her handbag and her red suitcase is sitting upright.


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