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Two Weeks Notice
Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sandra and Hugh are trying to get to the RV, a door opens and Sandra slips. She stands up with the help of Hugh and her skirt is completely clean. But in the next shot there is dirt on her skirt, supposedly from falling.

Continuity mistake: After the argument in the coffee room following the stapler fight you can see that, when Hugh leaves, the stapler is by the coffee pot next to where Hugh was standing, although Sandra had already taken it to the other side of the counter (where you also see it in the last shot of the scene).

Continuity mistake: When George is playing chess with his chauffeur, George takes two turns in a row, the chauffeur does not make a move. In his second turn he captures one of his opponent's men, which has then disappeared at the end of the scene as the camera pulls back.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The lipstick on Hugh Grant's cheek in his first scene changes from light, to dark, to light again.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Lucy is pushing the elevator button to George's penthouse in her bridesmaid dress, she's wearing only one glove. When she's in his closet helping him pick out clothes and giving her 'two weeks notice', she's still only wearing one glove, but now it's on the other hand.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Hugh and Sandra are on the roof eating cake. In one shot, Hugh's cake is almost gone. When the camera goes back to him, there is more cake on his plate.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the scene in the coffee room with Alicia Witt after the tennis match, the things in Hugh Grant's hand changes with each shot. First it's a spoon, then nothing, then a spoon, then creamer, then a coffee pot, and finally back to nothing.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy is on the ground after being hit by the ball during the tennis match, George is bending over her and there is a man behind him. When the camera changes to a different angle, that person is running towards them to the point where he was standing before.

Continuity mistake: At the Pediatric benefit when Hugh and Sandra are talking, it begins to rain (watch Hugh's jacket shoulder). In the next shot it isn't, and then it is again shortly afterwards.


Continuity mistake: When up on the roof eating cake, it focuses on Lucy speaking. In one shot she lowers her fork to her plate, then she raises her hand to her face quickly. But then in the next shot her hand is down by her plate and she once again raises her hand, now holding her fork.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene where Sandra Bullock is lying down to block the destruction of the building the crane operator is wearing shorts. When there is a close-up of his lower leg and foot pushing on the gas, you see long jeans. This goes back and forth several times.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Sandra Bullock goes to Hugh Grant's place (when he is playing strip chess) to talk to him. The clock outside the hotel stays at the same time (1:40) between her going into the hotel and leaving the hotel.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene, George is "shocked" how small the apartment is, but he shouldn't be surprised since he has been there before (when he went there for cake).

Continuity mistake: When Hugh and Sandra are on his yacht, while she is walking down the stairs she spills white wine, but in the next shot she has red wine.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are about to kiss, at first her head is leaning to the right, but in the next shot it is leaning to the left even though they haven't kissed or supposedly moved.

Continuity mistake: When George and Lucy are talking on the rooftop, their hair blows in the wind continuously. Each closeup, however, there is no wind and their hair is completely still and coiffed.

Two Weeks Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Lucy and her parents are talking on the street, Lucy says "Wait a minute, our community centre! My community centre!" When and after she says this, the Forbes magazine she has goes from being under her arm, to in her left hand, then into her right hand between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Sandra Bullock falls down on the way to the motor home, to go to the bathroom, she gets dirt on her tennis skirt. The amount of dirt on her skirt changes from shot to shot.


Continuity mistake: When Lucy and her friends protest against the demolition of a building they lay down on the ground. When they get up they their clothes are still clean, but when they get out of jail Lucy is covered with white dust, even more when she gets home.


Continuity mistake: When Hugh Grant and Alicia Witt are in the elevator with the elderly couple, they elevator stops to let Alicia off, but Hugh pulls her back on. The elevator supposedly continues on up to Hugh's apartment, but it never moves. You can see it moving BEFORE the first stop, but never again.

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In the opening scene, a harmonica can be heard playing. Director Marc Lawrence is the one playing, although he insisted on being credited as 'Blind Lemon Lipschitz'.


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