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Hard Target

Factual error: When Jean-Claude is chased by the helicopter in the woods alongside the river, the man in the helicopter fires a MP5 machinegun, but it causes huge explosions, this is impossible, it's not a grenade launcher!

Continuity mistake: This scene is shown in the director's cut of the movie. When Van Damme rides the motorcycle and stands up on it you can clearly see the training wheels on the bike as he jumps over the van.

Continuity mistake: As Van Damme's character snaps the guy's arm in front of the broken window, we see him flip him round and the guy falls on the floor knocking over the chair directly in front of the window. Then as Van Damme walks over to give the lady her purse we see that the chair is now standing back up.


Continuity mistake: As Van Damme's character kicks the guy through the window in the first fight scene, we see the view through window the moment before he goes through it; there is nobody behind him in the street. Then as he goes through the window, we see a shot from inside the diner and there is a guy standing in the street holding a stick.


Continuity mistake: When Randal has his ear cut off, we see blood on his sweater as he begins to stand up. He is then kicked into the doorframe. When he is pulled away from the doorframe and pushed towards the desk, we see that his sweater is free from blood. Then as he is lifted from the desk there's a large blood soaked stain. He is then slapped by Mr. Fouchon and we see that the stain is now even larger yet there's no blood trickling from his ear.


Continuity mistake: During the dirtbike chase scene, Van Damme drops the girl off, then looks down at the bike's gas tank, which has several holes and is leaking fuel. After this shot, the holes somehow disappear from the side of the gas tank, and there is no trail of fuel on the ground as Van Damme rides on (as a draining tank would leave such a trail).

Revealing mistake: Foucan doesn't apply grease of gel to his hair for the entirety of the movie, but after his coat gets set on fire, you can see the fire proof protective gel now covering his hair.

Continuity mistake: During the scene in which the guy is bitten by the rattlesnake we see that the rattlesnake's top fangs pierce the guy just to the right hand side of his top lip. Then when the snake is pulled off and we see him lying on the floor, the bite marks are now in the centre of his cheek, and there are no bite marks for the lower fangs of the snake although they also pierced the guy's neck.


Continuity mistake: During the first fight scene we see Van Damme's character fighting the guys outside the diner. He moves onto the sidewalk to tackle a guy coming at him with a knife. He ducks and punches the guy in the stomach. They guy was less than a foot away but in the next shot we see the same guy running towards Van Damme from several feet.


Continuity mistake: In the first fighting scene Natasha Binder's left car door and car hood get noticeable bumps. When the car reappears in the next scene the both the door and hood are perfectly smooth.

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the movie, Van Damme shoots one of the bad guys and makes him rocket backwards. You can easily see the pole that pulls him.


Continuity mistake: Boudreaux shoots one of the men in the helicopter, and you can see him hanging out of the doorway inert his weapon fallen away. In the next shot however as the helicopter flies overhead, he's now standing upright with his weapon in his hands looking very much alive.

Revealing mistake: The helicopter that chases down Boudreaux fires a shot at his horse that causes an explosion that makes it fall, then another shot is fired, but the resulting explosion is exactly the same as the previous one, except the footage is taken from a different angle.

Continuity mistake: As Chance gets the shotgun from his uncle we see him holding it. He leans the gun to one side and then starts to blow all the dust off. As the camera angle changes, we see that the gun is no longer leaning to one side. Then when the camera angle changes again, the gun in once again leaning to one side.


Continuity mistake: In the highway chase scene, JCVD rolls over the top of a car and lands on the ground on the other side. In one of the quick shots of him raising his gun to fire, the slide is back, showing that the gun's clip is empty. But a shot or two later, the gun fires several more times nonetheless, blowing up the car.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, when the final shootouts take place, Van Damme is seen hitting one of the motorcyclist's with a shotgun before holding his falling body up with it. It cuts to a shot of Van Damme's face. In the next shot we see a clear view of Van Damme - but his shotgun is missing - where has it gone? He then proceeds to pull out a handgun from the motorcyclists belt and uses this to kill a bad guy from behind him - but there are still no signs of the shotgun.

Continuity mistake: As Boudreax kicks the motorcyclist off his bike, the blue doors on the van in the background open, in a later shot, the blue doors are now closed again.

Revealing mistake: When Boudreaux leaps over the bonnet of the police car to roundhouse kick the motorcyclist off, if you look carefully in the background, there is a blue van with its back doors closed. As the motorcyclist comes to a complete halt, the blue van visibly shakes in the background and the back doors burst open. This is because the van was used as an anchor to stop the motorcyclist after being kicked off the bike.

Continuity mistake: Right after Fouchon refers to the "F***ing buffalo" he walks past and says "move". As soon as the camera angle changes the buffalo man's gun trades with a guy 15 feet behind him.

Audio problem: During the scene when Van Damme takes on the car on a motorcycle you see the driver get shot back from impact of a gunshot. In that shot, the guy next to him with the gun out the window fires a gunshot, but no gunshot sound is heard.


Continuity mistake: When Van Damme takes on the car with a motorcycle, we see him fire his first two shots at the car, but yet we see three bullet holes go right into the car windshield.


Other mistake: Van Cleef and Boudreaux reload their guns, and then have the mother of all firefights, culminating with Boudreaux emptying both guns into Van Cleef. They only had two guns each and the amount of shots they fired apiece was way in-excess of what they reloaded.

Continuity mistake: In the motorcycle chase down the highway, Van Damme was originally supposed to take down a car, as seen in the workprint. In the theatrical cut, he takes on a guy on a motorcycle instead, but you can see in a few shots (especially before he jumps over the exploding motorcycle) that a car is lying on the road upside down in flames and smoke. Being that the car was supposed to be cut out of the film, there couldn't be any explanation for this.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene were van Damme is being chased on the highway, he jumps over a barrel. You can see the ramp in front of the barrel.

Continuity mistake: When Natasha goes to the police station to file a missing person's report we see the officer put her cake into the desk drawer. Once Natasha leaves we see the officer take the cake back out of the drawer and it now has noticeably more icing on it.


Visible crew/equipment: During the warehouse shootout when Foucen is shooting his one barreled shotgun at Van Damme, he shoots a barrel which explodes, shooting into the air. As it flies up, a few seconds of a pole that was making the barrel fly up in the air is visible in the shot.


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