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The Cosby Show

A Shirt Story - S1-E5

In this episode, Theo buys a designer "Gordon Gartrelle" shirt for his date. Gordon Gartrelle is actually the name of a writer/producer for the show.

Carl Anthony Payne II (Cockroach) was fired from 'The Cosby Show' by Bill Cosby because he refused to get a haircut.

Bon Jour Sondra - S1-E10

This is the first appearance of Sondra, the eldest of the five Huxtable children. Sabrina LeBeauf, who plays Sondra, beat out future pop star Whitney Houston for the role.

And So We Commence (2) - S8-E25

After this episode aired, The Simpsons saluted the series by showing Homer and Bart watching the show on tv.

Nearly every sweater Bill Cosby wore on this show was sent to him by a fan.

Pilot - S1-E1

In this pilot episode alone, Theodore is called 'Teddy' by his family, but is known by 'Theo' the rest of the series.

The actress who played Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) is only 10 years older than the actress who played her eldest daughter Sondra Huxtable (Sabrina Lebeouf).

Season 5 generally

The episode entitled "Shakespeare" was originally scheduled to run in Season 4, but did not actually air until Season 5.

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Cliff says "a young trumpet player while sitting in the bandstand watching the dancers". But in all the later episodes, Russell plays the trombone, and he had been for a long time.