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The Heat

Continuity mistake: While Shannon and Sarah are speaking to Robin, two people (a blond white guy and a black guy with a blue satchel) pass by the trio twice.


Continuity mistake: In the bar scene, Sara and Shannon bang glasses together - one breaks and cuts Sarah's hand. She has a deep wound on her right hand, which she puts a bandage on. In the next scene at Denny's, Sarah no longer has a cut or bandage on her hand.

Continuity mistake: In the club scene, when Sandra Bullock's green top is torn up by Melissa from the mirror, you see the shirt go from tucked into the pants to untucked, then back to tucked.

Character mistake: When Spoken Reasons describes Kaitlin Olson, he says she has brown eyes. She has blue/green eyes.

Continuity mistake: Shannon lobs a watermelon at the dealer's back and knocks him down. The watermelon lands and just splits open. Shot changes as he asks Shannon what she hit him with and sees a large chunk, about half, of the watermelon next to his head. Just moments before, the melon was not that broken. Shot changes again and that large chunk is gone.

Quantom X

Continuity mistake: When Mullins goes over the top of the fence with the drug dealer, her car in the background is visible with the driver's door shut. In the shots before and after it is open.

Other mistake: When Mullins and Ashburn are tied to chairs, Mullins devises an idea to hide her freed hands behind her back to surprise the bad guys when they come in. Larkin comes in shortly after, and Mullins has her untied hands blatantly sitting in her lap while Larkin is talking to them. Later in the scene, her hands are back behind her back.

Shanna Tan

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Shannon and Sarah are waking up in the bar, Sarah awakes leaning on her jacket. When she gets up to find Shannon, Shannon is found in the back room, putting that same jacket into the poker pot.

Continuity mistake: When Shannon and Sarah are at the bar, during this whole scene the extras appear, disappear, and change positions between shots.

Quantom X

Continuity mistake: When Shannon is awarded a medal, the ribbon is twisted on her right shoulder. In the next shot the ribbon is smoothed out.

Continuity mistake: Sarah tries to help a choking restaurant customer by cutting into his throat and inserting a straw. Blood starts squirting out onto her shirt, and her hands are completely covered in blood. But then when Shannon and Sarah are in the parking lot, there's no blood to be seen. She may have thoroughly washed her hands, but her shirt should have had blood still on it.

Cal K.

Continuity mistake: Shannon gets Sarah to drink at a bar. Shannon starts helping tip the glass to make Sarah drink faster. One shot shows enough drink in the glass still to be touching the bottom even when turned down. Shot cuts to different perspective and there's suddenly much less drink in the glass.

Quantom X


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