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A Good Day to Die Hard
A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the car chase, the blue van is hit and the left side headlight dislodges and is dangling down for most of the chase. But in one far shot where the van is taking a turn, it is suddenly switched to the right headlight that's dangling.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Yuri's daughter is getting away from the hotel, the color of the chopper changes from green to brown between shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When walking into the vault at Chernobyl, a cameraman is reflected in one guy's gas mask visor.

Continuity mistake: When John and Jack are discussing if he meant Chernobyl, the blood on Jack's face disappears instantly.

Factual error: It is not plausible that the tail rotor blade of the helicopter can destroy large parts of a building without being damaged.

Factual error: Both Pripyat and Chernobyl are located within a zone with very tight military security. You pass two rings of fences and control posts when entering the area. John and Jack would not be able just to drive into the area.

Plot hole: When in the room getting the vault key, Kamarov escapes and is at the helicopter in a matter of minutes. The problem is, the helicopter is on the roof of a different building.

Continuity mistake: At the end, Jack and John fall into the pond and get soaked. As they walk out of the building their clothes are completely dry.

Continuity mistake: At the end, the wreckage of the helicopter changes position instantly. Note the position where the rotor blades are. In one shot they are on the side, then on top.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the blue van chase, the damage to the van is constantly changing/repairing itself.

Continuity mistake: When Jack McClane gets his dad from the burning room at the end, he enters wearing a flak jacket and leaves without it, without enough time to take it off, they then leap into the pool.

A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When we first see John, he is in the police shooting range. He has on protective head phones which he takes off and sets on the table in front of him as the other cop comes in. He and this cop talk about Jack, and when they finish, they shake hands. The mid range shot of them shaking hands shows the head phones still on the table. It then cuts to a far shot and now the head phones are gone while the two finish the hand shake. Careful which table you are looking at, as the angle makes it confusing. The head phones were on the table with the red thing on its left side.

Other mistake: Komerov gets shot in the arm at the start of film, however, he is able to use his arm perfectly even straight after being shot.

Continuity mistake: The mobile tank rips a door nearly completely off a blue van. When John hits it, there is less damage to the door.

A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the car chase near the start, the blue and white cars hit bumper to door. When the tank type car hits them they are end to end.

A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Just after John says "Jack! I'm not done talking to ya!" It shows the blue van backing up and turning around. The first shot shows its headlights turned on, but the next shot they are off. It happens again later when the van is spun and pinned to the front of the armoured truck.

Continuity mistake: The taxi driver looks back at John and says he doesn't have to pay because he let him sing. The shot from in front shows the steering wheel is clear. But the shot changes to behind John and suddenly the driver's arm is on top of the steering wheel and across it.

A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Yuri Komarov is on the phone with his daughter, the screen on the phone is the dial screen rather than the on-going call screen.

A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When John gets out of the taxi, the window is open. When he closes the door, the window is shut.

Continuity mistake: When John is in the taxi in Moscow, there is one shot of the taxi with a sticker in a bottom corner which disappears.

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John McClane: Need a hug?
Jack McClane: We're not a hugging family.
John McClane: That's right.



Right before John pushes the truck onto the guardrail causing it to flip, he says: "Is that it? Is that your best shot?!" That line is directly from Die Hard 4, when John is fighting the F-35.