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The Last Stand

Character mistake: Lewis Dinkum tells Deputy Mike Figuerola it's only a .50 cal round that hit him in the shoulder. The rifle he was shot with was a Blaser R93 LRS2 which fires a 338 Lapua round. A .50 pretty much would have torn him in half.

Other mistake: When the driver of the ZR1 corvette changes gears the emergency brake lever is visibly up.

Continuity mistake: When Ray drives through the fields, the headrests inside the Camaro ZL1 show SS instead of ZL1.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ray comes out of the cornfield and evens up with the 'Vette, you can see the camera rig reflected on the door of his car.

Factual error: After the SWAT vehicles are disposed of, there's a shot of the front of the car, and there are scrape marks. As cool as it looked, being that is a Corvette, there is no way that it could happen. This is due to the car body being made of basically fiberglass, and couldn't support the weight of another vehicle. Also, the body would be trashed after the impact, therefore the engine destroyed, and not drivable.

Revealing mistake: When the car reverses to act as a ramp to get rid of the SWAT vehicles, the one that flips over shows the slide plate used to make the stunt possible.

The Last Stand mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the field chase scene, the Camaro's driver side mirror is ripped off when the Corvette rams it sideways. It remains off for several shots, then it returns by scene end and stays on through the movie's end.

Factual error: Owens asks Dinkum for a permit. In AZ there is no requirement for a handgun permit.

Revealing mistake: When Gabriel Cortez reaches the bridge at the end, he sees Arnold standing there waiting for him. It's blatantly obvious in this shot that all he is looking at is a rear projection backdrop of Arnold and the background.

Gavin Jackson

Continuity mistake: When Forest Whitaker shoots the woman with the rifle on top of the van, he has vapor coming out of his mouth due to the cold weather in one shot, but not in the next.

Continuity mistake: When he is getting coffee at the beginning, he holds the cup without putting his finger through the handle. In the next shot, he has his finger through the handle.

Factual error: The southern Arizona border is shown as a river/canyon when in reality it is a straight line through the desert.

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Ray Owens: I saw enough blood and death... I know what's coming.


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