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Plot hole: In "Phantom of the Opera" The Phantom states that the disfiguring disease, "Has also denied me the joys of the flesh." So how can he have fathered a son?

Gert Fjord Olesen

Other mistake: When Christine is shot near the end of the film, there's no blood on her dress or the Phantom's hands.

Cubs Fan

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Meg Giry: It isn't fair.
Madame Giry: We need to think.
Christine Daaé: I need some air.
Raoul: I need a drink.



In the beginning of Act II, when Meg runs out of the bar and Raoul chases after her, if watched carefully, you can see the actor playing the bartender duck down behind the bar and Ben Lewis stand up, keeping his back to the audience so as not to ruin the forthcoming surprise.


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