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Friends with Benefits

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film when Jamie is 'talking on her phone' in the bathroom you can see in the mirror that she hasn't actually answered it.

Factual error: When Jamie answers Dylan's phone and his ex-girlfriend shouts and then hangs up, you can hear a hang up tone. This isn't possible on a cell phone.

Continuity mistake: Dylan and Jamie roll under a garage door with sandwiches in their hands. They both walk up the stairs with the sandwiches. As they exit the building onto the roof, there are no sandwiches in their hands. However, they are amazingly eating those sandwiches shortly after.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is walking through the airport a man with a yellow shirt overtakes her and walks out of shot. The same man then appears again behind her and tries to overtake her again.

Continuity mistake: When Dylan is 'licking' Jamie in the first shot you see the whole blanket, when Jamie starts screaming Dylan suddenly is lying under another blanket and when he lies next to her it is one whole blanket again.

Continuity mistake: When Jane writes on Justin Timberlake's face after he knocks out, He goes to work the next morning, Before he looks into the computer there is no marker drawings on his face. After he looks at the computer MAGICALLY marker writings appear on his face.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dylan is chatting with Jamie, you can see a computer screen right behind her. You can see that a window on the desktop changes position and size between shots, even though no one is using the computer at any time during conversation.

Friends with Benefits mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Jamie's hair moves back and forth over her right shoulder when she argues with Dylan on top of the building.

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Tommy: The babies you two are gonna have. Those things are gonna get *really* big and then *really* small.
Jamie: We're not together.
Tommy: That was a highly inappropriate series of comments and I apologize.