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Wall-E mistake picture

Other mistake: When Wall-E presents Eve with the plant, he is facing her directly. When Eve is later viewing the footage from her security camera, Wall-E is shown facing at an angle towards the left of the screen, instead of straight ahead.

Continuity mistake: After the escape pod scene (but before the 'dance'), Wall-E uses a fire extinguisher to fly back and forth. Between every camera shot except one, all the extinguisher particles disappear instantly.

Wall-E mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Eve pops the bubble-wrap, she drops it to the floor, yet when the camera pulls back for Wall-E to dance, the wrap is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Wall-E places the rubix cube down, the position of it changes to when he sorts the fork/spoon out. Notice the colours that are visible on the corners.

Continuity mistake: When EVE is reactivated on the Axiom bridge, she 'sits up' on her transport bed. The camera shot changes and she's 'standing' well in front of the bed rather than on it or even right next to it.

Factual error: As a trash compactor Wall-E does not function logically. When he fills his chest compartment with garbage and runs his internal compactor, the cube that exits his body is the same volume as the trash he puts in, despite that trash having been compacted. He does not add extra trash to fill the empty space after running the compactor - there are three scenes that show him filling up only once with loose garbage and then ejecting a densely compacted cube.

Continuity mistake: When EVE is heading to the holo-detector with Wall-E and MO Auto tilts the ship/alters the gravity field so that everyone on board (basically the entire human race) slides across the lido deck and piles up on the starboard bulkhead. When Captain McCrea takes control and rights the ship everyone is still piled against the bulkhead, with just a few people falling off the pile and some attempting to walk for the first time. Five seconds later when tossing the plant to EVE and going into hyperjump everyone on the ship is now equally distributed across the entire lido deck area.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene on the lido deck when Auto alters the ship's gravity the people mover falls off it's tracks and barrels towards the passengers, smashing a huge path through the hover chairs. When normal gravity is restored and they hyperjump to earth most of the chairs are back in place.

Continuity mistake: When the ship bursts through the field of satellites, you can see that none of them attached to the ship or WALL-E, but in the next shot, there are now 5 or 6 satellites attached to WALL-E and the ship.

Continuity mistake: The sky over Wall-E's city is totally covered, from horizon to horizon, with thick brown clouds. When the Earth is seen from space at the beginning of the film, there is no such cloud cover anywhere on the planet. It looks more like the old Universal Studios logo than the actual Earth. The clouds appear out of nowhere as the camera zooms down.

Wall-E mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Eve fires a shot at the tanker they show an overhead view of the scene - there are three other tankers sitting on the starboard side of the exploded tanker. When the tankers fall like dominoes there are now four of them next to the exploded tanker.

Factual error: Wall-e has the Sputnik lodged in his face after the rocket takes off, but all of the Sputniks returned from space after their mission.

Continuity mistake: When Wall-E first sorts his goodies, he puts the Rubik's Cube on the left-hand shelves, same as the lighters and spork. Later when he shows Eve the Cube, he pulls it off the right-hand shelves from behind the camera.

Factual error: The plant found by Wall-E in the safe is green. Plants, however, won't generate any green chlorophyll if there hasn't been any light since it started to grow.

Continuity mistake: When Eve repairs Wall-E, you can see some tread segments are popped out, but when Wall-E powers back up they're all good as new. She doesn't replace his treads, just some gears.

Wall-E mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Eve meets the cockroach and Wall-E, after blowing up the tires Eve approaches Wall-E. We get a shot from Wall-E looking down Eve's gun, and her eyes are squinted and challenging. The shot changes to the side so the cockroach can jump to Wall-E, and her eyes are softer and more neutral- then the shot changes back to looking down the gun and they're challenging again.

Continuity mistake: When EVE leaves the line-up and is followed by Wall-E, he does not leave a dirt path, though before and after this scene he does.

Wall-E mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Wall-e is climbing the ladder on the space ship, he climbs nearly to the top. Then he is knocked down from the force of the take-off. Then in the next shot, he is back at the top.

Continuity mistake: The ramp to Wall-E's home has got ridged slots, however, in some shots the slope is completely smooth.

Continuity mistake: On disk 2 of the Special Edition, there are BnL shorts. In one of the shorts it says that the tennis bot's name is TEN-S, but in another feature of the disk that shows a list of all the bots, it says its name is SR-V.

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Captain: I don't want to survive. I want to live!



WALL-E stands for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class," EVE stands for "Extra Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator," and M-O stands for "Microbe Obliterator," confirmed in Cineworld Unlimited Magazine.