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Aeon Flux

Continuity mistake: Sithandra grabs a branch as she runs through the garden, which changes in appearance between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the house explodes, Oren has white plaster dust over his jacket which keeps changing shape.

Continuity mistake: Before entering Goodchild's garden, Aeon says "Ready?" and between shots her side curl of hair changes.

Continuity mistake: As Aeon walks down the steps near the beginning, the extras walking around her change between shots.

Continuity mistake: As Aeon and Freya fight in the lab, Aeon smashes some beakers in one shot, then they're intact again.

Continuity mistake: When Una puts the tray down on the table, in the next shot, the wine glasses on the table are in different places.

Continuity mistake: When Aeon awakens from her dream, she has a bead strand over her shoulder. In the next shot it's gone.

Continuity mistake: When Aeon snaps the guards neck with her legs, his gun slides to his feet. In the next shot, its back in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Aeon takes the water sample from the cell, the glass is behind her heel. In the next shot its by her toes.

Continuity mistake: When Freya shoots her guns round at Aeon, eight "bullets" are fired, but only six appear in the door.

Aeon Flux mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Aeon pushes Freya onto a table as they fight, and knocks over a lamp. In the next shot the lamp's upright.

Continuity mistake: The level of water in Aeon's glass rises as she's in the cell, from when first seen to when she picks it up.

Deliberate mistake: When Aeon is fastening ropes to lower herself down into the security system, her hair parting has switched sides as she fastens the second rope, revealing a flipped shot.

Continuity mistake: After escaping from her cell, Aeon has different style heels on than she did whilst she was inside the cell.

Continuity mistake: We see Una slice her purple vegetable and she slices three bits. In the next shot, just one large slice is visible.

Revealing mistake: When doing the flips through Goodchild gardens, in some shots the Aeon double is visible due to her spiky hair.

Continuity mistake: As Aeon cries, after finding her 'reborn' sister Una, the tears on her face change position / disappear.

Deliberate mistake: Near the beginning of the film, when Aeon breaks into the security system, the final shot of Aeon's face as she takes out the first set of guards shows her hair parting on the wrong side, revealing a flipped shot.

Continuity mistake: In the Aeon vs Sithandra fight, Aeon's hair parting is on the left. But once the fight begins it suddenly switches to the right, only to return to the left again when Aeon knocks Sithandra down from the ceiling.

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