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Jeepers Creepers 2

Revealing mistake: When the group is running on the field, before Scotty gets his hand stabbed to the tree, there is a shot of a girl running and behind her all the others are blurred, as if its a green screen.

Revealing mistake: Right before the Creeper punches the hole in the bus roof, the outline reveals where the hand shall come through.

Factual error: When the kid is wrapped in the Creeper's wing and has his head ripped off, no blood comes out of the top of the body. With the body flailing around and a big hole like that, some blood should have come out, if not a massive amount.

Continuity mistake: When Billy leaves the second scarecrow to check out the Creeper, the bends in the wire on the scarecrow change.

Revealing mistake: When the creeper has the pole through his eye and is pushing it in and out, the pole appears to be moving however there is a clear dot on the pole that stays where it is in relation to his face.

Continuity mistake: When the Creeper has grabbed on to Bucky's head through the bus roof, we see Bucky holding on to both poles in the bus, then he moves his hand over holding one pole with both hands. When it cuts from behind him he is holding on to both poles.

Continuity mistake: When the coach has been taken away by the Creeper, Scott moves forward passing two guys saying "Where the hell is the coach?" When it cuts he is behind the two guys.

Continuity mistake: When Izzy finds the javelins on the bus, Bucky is the only person at the front of the bus (because he is trying to call on the radio). In the next shot Scotty appears out of nowhere at the front of the bus and yells, "Sticks. You want to hang around here so that you can poke at this thing with STICKS?" with Bucky standing right next to him.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Taggart gets off the truck after he fired into the Creeper's head, the spear he is holding changes from pointing up to pointing down.

Continuity mistake: When Scotty asks Minxie if the Creeper will keep on coming for the ones he has picked (right before he tries to throw the marked kids out) she starts to turn away to the left, but in the next shot she is turning to the right.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, it states that every 23rd Spring, for 23 days it eats. I am no farmer, but isn't there that saying KNEE HIGH BY FORTH OF JULY? From the looks of that corn, it looks like it is October or even November...Definately NOT SPRING in TEXAS.

Deliberate mistake: When the Creeper gets stabbed throught the eye with the javelin, it goes through the front of his eye, but when it comes out the other end the eye is facing backward.

Continuity mistake: Just after the man says 'he looks dead to me' (he means the Creeper) he walks past the girl who holds the black guy sitting/laying on the ground. The black guy is buried deep in her arms and he holds his right arm half over his face and on her left elbow. His fellow 'pupils' walk to him. Next shot: his fellow pupils walk to him, but now his right arm is lower, exposing his face and his right hand is now at his chin instead of on her left elbow.

Continuity mistake: When Bucky jumps on the hood of the bus to get back in, the Creeper flies from in front of the moon towards the bus causing all the kids to run away. Bucky can still be seen staying put on the hood when they run - however in the next shot of all the kids running you see him at the front of the pack which would have not been possible given that he didn't run right away.

Continuity mistake: After Taggart shoots the creeper the first time, he says, "He's gonna rip my gun out of my truck!". After they jump out of the truck, it gets nearly totaled and the gun is ripped off. Later at the end, he shoots the creeper with the SAME truck and the same gun, as if he fixed his truck and re-welded the gun to his truck in seconds.

Continuity mistake: When Jack Sr. and Jack Jr. run towards the tractor, after hearing Billy scream, Jack is holding onto the rifle with both hands. When it cuts he places his left hand on the rifle again.

Continuity mistake: As the assistant coach is grabbed from the bus doorway, the same reaction shot (Izzy standing up as Chelsea and Rhonda fall backwards) is played twice from different angles.

Revealing mistake: When the pickup truck stops short and the Creeper goes through the cab, the truck flips over frontwards. If you look near the rear axle when it flips over you can see the puff of white smoke and the cylinder that helped to flip the truck.

Revealing mistake: When Izzy pushes Rhonda out of the moving truck, if you watch in slow motion you can see him pretend to open the door and then just push Rhonda down to the seat, out of sight.

Other mistake: When Coach Hanna catches the cheerleaders smoking, they turn around, caught off-guard, and have to hold in smoke in their mouths. After he turns away to get people back in the bus, they all blow out smoke and cough, even though they hadn't even inhaled any when they turned around.

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The sticker on the bumper of the car that gets the roof pulled off reads "I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing" It echoes how the Creepers' victims are described on the radio report, not one complete body as they all have one or more parts missing.