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Freddy Vs. Jason

Revealing mistake: When Freddy and Jason are fighting towards the end of the movie, Freddy cuts Jason's fingers off so he drops his machete. But when Freddy catches it you can easily see that it isn't a real one (its made of rubber, or something like that).

Continuity mistake: When Mark turns up at school telling about Freddy to Lori, as he says "Then he came back" we see Lori pulling her hair back with her hand without lowering her hand. When it cuts, her hand is suddenly down.


Visible crew/equipment: In the dream fight between Freddy and Jason, you can see the wire that holds the machete up when Freddy catches it after Jason swings it.


Continuity mistake: When Mark tells Kurt he never does checkers, we see Will holding his hand down on the table. When it cuts he has his hand up by his chin.


Continuity mistake: When Jason throws Linderman to the wall he gets impaled by a sharp object stuck to the wall. However as Linderman is flying against the wall before hitting it the object isn't there.


Visible crew/equipment: When Freddy is brought into the real world and is fighting Jason in the cabin, look carefully as Jason picks up Freddy and pushes him out the window, you can see a cable attached to Freddy's chest in a close up.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: In the fight scene at the pier, after Freddy and Jason get thrown into the air by the carriage that smacks into them, they land on the pier in sort of slow motion. Watch Jason's left knee as he lands, you can see a kneepad.

Freddy Vs. Jason mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Freddy and Jason get hit by the cart at the construction site, they land next to each other on the dock. But in the next shot, we see Jason getting up quite a distance away from Freddy.

Freddy Vs. Jason mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Linderman dashes at Jason and impales him with an American flag, Will is dragging Lori (who is supposed to be unconscious). He's dragging Lori by her arms... but when he suddenly reaches behind his back with his right arm, her right arm stays up in the air.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Lori wakes up in the police station and follows the dropping blood, she turns a corner because she hears a little crying. Right after she turns the corner, the cameras show office windows. You can see someone sitting down and a cameraman on his knees.

Continuity mistake: When the girls are at Lori's, just after Kia asks them if they think she needs a nose job, the lights flicker. When they flicker Kia is holding a compact in her left hand and she begins to close it. Both hands are up by her face but then the angle changes to a wider shot and her left hand is empty and on her lap and the compact is in her right hand as she places it on the sofa.


Continuity mistake: At school when Lori approaches Will, she puts her hand on his chin. Will then places his hand on Lori's hand and says "I thought you might be in trouble," while their hands still are on his chin. When it cuts, their hands are suddenly down.


Continuity mistake: In the boiler room in Jason's "dream", the container that pins Jason to the floor lands directly on top of him. However, in the close-up of it still pinning him down, you see Jason's upper-body sticking out to the side.

Revealing mistake: As soon as the drunk kid sets Jason on fire there's a few quick shots of Jason's face but there's a perfect hole right through his head where his eye is supposed to be and you can see the night sky through it. Some people say it's a reflection off the goggles to protect the actor from the flames. Either way it's a mistake.


Revealing mistake: When Freddy is about to kill Gibb, the claw near the top right that is in the locker bends like rubber.

Low Cow

Deliberate mistake: During the fight scene at Crystal Lake, Freddy stabs Jason's eyes, causing them to bleed very badly. But when Jason falls into the lake, we see him closing his eyes, and his eyes are perfect.


Revealing mistake: In the fight scene nearing the end, Freddy cuts off Jason's fingers. However you can tell that he completely misses Jason's hand, and in addition you can see the pre-made cuts that indicate where the fingers will fall off.


Continuity mistake: After they have sedated Mark the institution guards throw him on the bed, and we see him landing on the pillow. Two shots later he is off the pillow.


Continuity mistake: When Will and Lori are driving in the van you see a car's headlights behind them in a close up shot. However, in the previous wide angle shot, there was no car driving behind them.

Revealing mistake: When Jason is slicing kids at the party, you can see the padding under their shirts


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In Lori's dream kids are teasing a young Jason and they place a burlap sack in his head, this is similar to the burlap sack Jason wore in Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason started wearing the goalie mask in Friday the 13th part 3.


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