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Lilo & Stitch
Lilo & Stitch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Stitch regurgitates the cake and replaces it on the plate, when he smells the bait and hops off the chair, the plate with the slice of cake has vanished.

Continuity mistake: When Lilo brings Stitch out to present him to Nani, in the Aloha dog home, the woman grabs Stitch while Nani backs away, holding Lilo. Stitch then walks over to Lilo, with the woman holding onto him, and the wooden door on the counter is wide open. However two shots later you can see in the background that the door is now down and closed.

Continuity mistake: When Nani is trying to get through the dogflap, Mr. Bubbles pulls her out. In a closer view of Nani when she gets pulled out, Lilo's blue sandals sit by the door. In the following wideshot they've gone.

Continuity mistake: When Stitch blows the truck up and comes soaring into the Captain's spaceship, he breaks the window when coming in. But moments later the window is healed, allowing Stitch to smash the Captain through it without any trouble at all.

Lilo & Stitch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Lilo is in her bedroom, and Nani brings her up a slice of pizza, Lilo wants to tell her a story. So she sets her doll down on the bed, and it appears to be right in front of the pillow. Then the shot changes, and the doll is down past Lilo's legs, closer to the wall.

Lilo & Stitch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the Hula lesson at the beginning of the film the two men in the corner seem to be tapping yellow drums shaped like bowling pins, yet when Lilo makes her comment about Pudge the fish controlling the weather it cuts to the men for a reaction and the one on the right appears to be holding a large red normal shaped drum.

Continuity mistake: When Nani pays for Stitch at the pound, on the wall there is a fire extinguisher, a sign that reads, "In case of fire", and two other notices, right beside the bulletin board with the "puppy love" poster. These items completely change their positions on the wall, depending on the angle of the shot.

Continuity mistake: In the dance class scene, the blonde girl dancing on the stage (Terissa) has her hair up in two ponytail-style bunches, in red hair ties. When they leave the class, they are still red but when she gets outside and is playing dolls with the other girls, they are now blue coloured hair ties.

Continuity mistake: After their surf-adventure, in the scene where Nani and Lilo are sitting and singing in the hammock, there are two torches which keeps appearing and disappearing.

Continuity mistake: After Stitch finds Lilo's photo, he runs across the bed and then Lilo follows him, and you can see the yellow bedsheet covered in stars and moons and planets etc. is pulled up neatly on the bed. However after Stitch messes some stuff around, they return to the bed and now the yellow sheet is mysteriously hanging untidily over the foot of the bed.

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Nani: I can't sleep with that thing loose in the house.
Lilo: You're loose in the house all the time, and I sleep just fine!



After Stitch regurgitates the cake and replaces it on the plate, when he smells the bait and hops off the chair, the plate with the slice of cake has vanished.



In the scene showing Nani's room, there's a quite faint Mulan poster on the wall.