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Big Trouble

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant scene where the cigar dispute takes place, Bruce gets his fingers broken on his right hand. Later on in the movie, the two FBI agents encounter Bruce in his yellow Hummer. When he rolls down his window, his bandaged LEFT hand is shown.

Visible crew/equipment: When Officer Romero and Arthur are alone in the house, handcuffed to the brass shelving unit, as she says, "Help me or I will crush you like a damn bug," a crewmember wearing glasses and a blue shirt is seen crouching on the floor, at the bottom right of the screen.

Continuity mistake: On the way to the airport, the Geo's rearview mirror disappears and reappears.

Visible crew/equipment: When Desalvo, Ferroni, Matt and Andrew are all in the backyard waiting for their moments to strike, in the exterior shots facing the back doors, Arthur is standing facing the TV and there is a small beige rug between him and the TV which disappears in following shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When Eliot shows up at the Herks the first time, just as he and Officer Kramitz approach Matt the boom mic dips into view at the top.

Continuity mistake: When Snake falls toward the water with the "kingpin's suitcase", the gun is in his right hand and he's gripping the heavy suitcase in his left hand. Yet, in the last shot of him underwater the gun and suitcase have switched hands. Interestingly this is not a flipped shot, the watches are still on his left wrist.

Visible crew/equipment: When Arthur is pouring himself yet another drink, ranting on about how kids must have done it and how they sniff glue, the reflection of the moving light screen is visible on the glass to his right (viewer's left).

Continuity mistake: When Leonard Ferroni trips at the airport the first time, in the still shot all the golf clubs are uncovered, but when they hit the ground three of them suddenly have covers.

Continuity mistake: At the Miami Herald, when Ken Deeber turns the computer to face Eliot, the Herald's homepage is visible on the PC, but when Eliot stands on Deeber's desk nothing is on the PC's screen.

Continuity mistake: When Snake shoots Arthur's TV, the reflection on the TV screen shows the couch and lamps opposite it, but the tall cabinet beside the couch and the huge painting with the table beneath it are all missing from the wall it faces.

Continuity mistake: After the Geo hits the goat on the way to the airport, Eliot swerves to avoid the traffic and we see the dent on the front hood, but the dent disappears and then reappears.

Continuity mistake: When Matt phones Eliot about borrowing the Geo and in following shots, the objects on the windowsill behind Eliot change position.

Continuity mistake: When Nina wakes up in the treehouse with Puggy, the blouse collar hangs off her right bare shoulder, but in the shots facing her back, the collar is on her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When the drunk security guard trips, he falls a good distance away from the overpass/building behind him, but when Andrew runs off with the gun the security guard is lying much closer - also note the speed bumps.

Continuity mistake: When the drunk security guard trips and falls after shooting at Andrew, Matt and Jenny, once the gun lands on the asphalt its position changes - note the direction it faces between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the drunk security guard chases the teenagers, he trips and his gun goes flying quite a few feet away from him as he hits the ground, but when Andrew picks it up the gun is near the security guard.

Continuity mistake: When Desalvo's bullet hits Arthur Herk's TV the glass shatters and the bullet hole is visible on a black background towards the upper left. But in following shots much more of the glass is intact, with a large jagged hole in the glass surrounding the area of the bullet's impact.

Continuity mistake: In the exterior shots of the airplane heading to Bermuda, there are only six windows between the cockpit and the open back door. Yet, in the interior shots there are at least seven.

Continuity mistake: When Anna is in Eliot's office and they start their little romp, Eliot is holding a mug with coffee, but when it spills the liquid is clear.

Continuity mistake: When Matt and Andrew jump over the stone wall to 'kill' Jenny with the super-soaker, there is a large plant in front of the stones right below them which disappears in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Eliot kicks in the computer screen in Deeber's office, the screen's frame breaks off, only to be intact in the next shot.

Revealing mistake: About 30min into the movie, there is a scene at an airport with a 4-engined 707 freighter. As the characters walk behind the jet, you can see that the left-hand inboard engine pod has no engine on it, unlike the outboard pod. The aircraft is obviously being dismantled despite the appearance of having just landed.

Continuity mistake: Several times throughout the movie, the sweat stains on Tom Sizemore's shirt either disappear, reappear, or grow larger or smaller all in the same scene.

Continuity mistake: When Stanley Tucci throws his wallet at Tom Sizemore in the bar's robbery scene, the wallet hits Sizemore in the face, then hits his upper arm, then falls behind him to his right. Yet, in the next shot, it has landed on the bomb case on the floor to his left. The same thing happens a few moments later when Tucci throws his keys at Sizemore.

Continuity mistake: When Puggy is at the bar, and the bartender gives Puggy his change, the money is either closer to him or farther away between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Snake sees Eliot in the airplane terminal, he shoots at him once, shattering only the top half of the glass door (which is split in two by a metal bar). Eliot then leaves the terminal heading outside. He ducks under the bar and through the door to go outside.

Plot hole: When the pilot rolls the plane to dump the suitcase carrying the bomb, Snake grabs hold and falls out of the plane with it. Snake saves himself from falling to his death by grabbing the railing of the open door. The weight of the suitcase would have either ripped one of Snake's limbs off or would have ripped the railing from the door.


Continuity mistake: When Eliot is coming to get his son after the missed murder attempt, he enters the room and walks towards his son then is nearly beside him. After it cuts to Anna, when it cuts back to Eliot, he is again walking toward his son.

Factual error: When the Dalmatian and her new puppies are shown, the puppies are standing and their eyes are open. However, a new born puppy's eyes are sealed shut until they are at least 12 days old and they can only crawl on their bellies.

Factual error: Officers Romero and Kramitz are Miami police officers so they should have no jurisdiction in Arthur Herk's home. He lives in Coral Gables, a suburb of Miami and its own city.


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Bruce: I hope you realize you've just committed assault.
Henry Desalvo: I know, I know. Time was, you actually had to hit somebody.



The man driving the baggage carrier that brings the suitcase into Miami is seen shortly afterward driving the boat that Puggy rides.