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You Only Live Twice

Akiko Wakabayashi (Aki) couldn't drive a car. In the sequence outside Osata's office, the illusion of her driving was created by six strong crewmembers pulling the car with a cable.

German actress Karin Dor almost suffered decapitation by the helicopter rotors in the scene where she and the actor playing Osata meet Bond for the first time. Only an attentive crewman, who shouted a warning at her, prevented it.

For production Designer Ken Adam's giant Pinewood volcano set, some 700 tons of steel were used and some 250,000 square yards of canvas. It featured a working monorail and elevators and cost $1 million to produce.

After the movie was shot, Sean Connery was asked by Japanese reporters whether he found Japanese women sexy. His answer "No" was not very popular in Japan, and the Japanese started giving him bad names.

During the work in Japan, hundreds of reporters appeared on the set and started firing away with their cameras so much that the noise was distracting, so the producers hired 30 private security guards to drive them away. On the second day, the guards themselves started taking pictures for the reporters. Some of them shot star Sean Connery while sitting on a toilet and the picture was published in a Tokyo newspaper.

The Toyota 2000GT convertible in the film is a one-off built for the movie.

Reportedly, the noise made during the shooting of the film's grand finale on the volcano set scared Blofeld's white cat and it ran away. It took several days to find the cat and it was eventually discovered hiding in some of the set's rafters. The cat is not seen with Blofeld in many scenes because of this, but footage of the scared cat wound up in the finished movie very briefly when Blofeld's security shutters are enforced.

Osato translates roughly in Japanese to "sugar daddy".

During the film, Helga Brandt is fed to Blofeld's school of piranhas after he is displeased with her failures. Actress Karin Dor lost her voice for the next four days after she screamed whilst filming her death scene.

The movie had a number of firsts: First time the screenplay was not based on the original Ian Flemming novel. Only the Tokyo setting from the book matched what was on the screen. First time Bond is seen in his Navy uniform. First time Bond actually meets Blofeld. (From Encore channel's weekend with Bond, February 2009.)

One of the volcano base operators is Burt Kwok, who later became famous with his role of Inspector Clouseau's butler Kato Fong in the 'Pink Panther' series.

Kissy's name is not actually mentioned in the film. We only find out the name in the end credits.

When a number of the female actresses were unable to perform the underwater diving sequences, Sean Connery's then wife, actress Diane Cilento, acted as their "stunt" doubles.

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When the submarine surfaces with the life raft on the casing at the end of the film, the water movement looks a bit odd because the scene was actually shot with the sub diving and floating the raft off, the film then being played backwards.