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Beavis and Butthead Do America

Continuity mistake: When they are in the Whitehouse, and Beavis has turned into Cornholio, he picks up the "Red" hotline phone on the President's desk, and is talking to the nuclear bomb officials. Later, when they are in the President's office again, getting their certificates, there is now a black phone on the desk, where the red one was.

Plot hole: When Butthead pushes Beavis out of Muddy's car, Beavis causes a huge car crash. Then, a few seconds later Butthead falls out and causes cars behind him to crash, but the crash that Beavis started made a barrier along the highway, so how could those cars get behind Butthead so fast?

Beavis and Butthead Do America mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Beavis and Butt-head are dancing in the casino the floor is just flat and one surface. In the overhead shot of them dancing you can see part of the floor has changed to an tiled area instead of a plain flat surface. Also there are a number of people sitting at tables just in front of them whilst dancing. In the overhead shot they and the tables have disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Muddy pulls up after dropping off Beavis and Butt-head, the front tires go over the curb. In the next shot, when Muddy gets out of the car, the front tires are a few feet back.

Revealing mistake: When Robert Stack introduces himself in the hotel room he says he is an A.T.F. agent, but the ID he shows says F.B.I.

Factual error: When Butthead is thrown out of Chelsea Clinton's bedroom, he smashes through a window and lands on the front lawn of the White House. Chelsea Clinton's bedroom was actually at the back of the White House.

Factual error: Butthead is thrown through a window on the upper floor of the White House; since all exterior windows of the White House are bulletproof, he would bounce off the window rather than smash through it as shown.

Continuity mistake: When Butthead slams in Anderson's Truck after he falls out of the trunk, the truck crashes and is wrecked in the front, but when you see Beavis walking towards the Whitehouse, Anderson's truck drives by and it is in perfect condition.


Continuity mistake: After the highway accident and the FBI agent's asking his assistant where the bus was headed, he tells him it was headed to DC. In one shot the assistant's right hand is on the desk, but in the next one he's flipping through some papers.


Factual error: When the power goes out in Vegas, the Casino is shown without power. Casino's have backup generators so people don't steal chips or anything else, like the guy that is shown picking up chips and racing off.

Continuity mistake: When Beavis & Butthead are walking off with the school's AV equipment, when they get to the outside steps, you can see that they are not dragging any equipment behind them, when they were doing that just a couple seconds before. Oh, and the equipment they were dragging with them does show up after the whole unit falls down the outside steps.

Continuity mistake: From the point where Muddy is introduced in the movie to the point where he drops Beavis & Butthead off at the airport, he takes eight swigs from his whiskey bottle and yet the amount left in the bottle never changes.

Continuity mistake: When Beavis & Butthead are walking at night looking for their TV, Beavis is seen with a remote control clicking it into nothing. When they get to motel and start pounding on the doors, Beavis no longer has the remote control

Continuity mistake: There are no bongos in the song "Love Rollercoaster", yet in the casino scene in the movie where the song is played, the band has a bongo player.


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