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True Lies

Audio problem: In the public restroom fight, Arnold slams one of the bad guys head into the ceramic urinal. Although you hear two loud and clear "klonks", the urinal bends when Arnold presses the bad guy's head down. [Only visible in the pan and scan version.]

Continuity mistake: The scene in the SUV where Harry asks Tom Arnold 'if there is anything new', and he answers 'no', you see that they were driving straight, but when the camera does a wide shot, you would see a building directly behind them which means they would have been driving through the building.

Factual error: Throughout the entire movie, Arnold and Tom are always riding in the GM S-series SUV. The thing about these vehicles is that they came with different side view mirrors and if you look close enough during all the shots with the SUV, the side mirrors on the side change, from small ones to big square ones, showing that two different GM S-series SUVs were used throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the limo chase scene, Tia's scratch on her face disappears and changes from cheek to cheek.

True Lies mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where the bad guy is attached to the missile and fired, in the split second before it hits the helicopter you can see below it a building called SUN BANK, but the letters are backwards. A close look reveals the likely reason - to the right of the reversed building is one which looks just like the building to the LEFT of the Sun Bank building behind the harrier a few seconds earlier. Most likely they couldn't film the chopper from the right side because there was a building there (the one the camera flies through), so they filmed it from the other side (the same side they'd filmed the harrier from), catching the "Sun Bank" behind, then had to flip it to have everything facing the right way.

Continuity mistake: When the bad guy rides the motorbike through a kitchen door two servants drop some food on the floor. When Harry rides his horse through the door there is nothing on the floor. [Only visible in pan and scan version].

True Lies mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Arnold's character is escaping from the mansion at the beginning of the movie, there is a part where he is running down a snowy hill through trees. At one point during the hill scene, Arnold does a flip head first. When he lands the flip, you can clearly see the stunt double's face as he turns to shoot at more bad guys.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Harry brings Helen's purse to Gibbs in the van, it is raining very hard. When Harry is standing along side of the van talking to Gibbs who is in the van, he is not getting wet and there is no rain falling when the camera is facing in towards the van. However, when the camera angle is facing out away from the van, it is pouring rain and Harry is getting wet.

True Lies mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After the bathroom shootout, when Harry Tasker has his team contain the terrorist leader in front of the building they're about to chase through, just before the terrorist rides the motorcycle through the front door, if you watch carefully, you can very clearly spot Arnold Schwarzenegger's double on the horse.

Revealing mistake: During the hotel scene where Arnold is on the horse chasing the bad guy on the motorcycle, keep your eye on the carpet. As the bike clears a path through the lobby, you can see tyre marks all over the carpet where this shot has been practised many times.

True Lies mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the shoot-out in the restroom, the villain fires shots down the length of stalls. Then as he walks down kicking each door open there is a shot from inside one of the stalls. You can see where the explosives were taped to the back of the door to make the gun shoot holes. There is residue on the back of the door and all of these rectangular clean area where the holes ended up being.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, at Switzerland, Harry has just ran & tumbled in the snow, but doesn't show a speck of snow anywhere on him.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Harry is trying to get the truth from Gibb about Helen's phone conversation, the van pulls over and the wheels are facing to the right. They get out and talk and Harry then punches the window through. As they get back in the van and pull away, the wheels are facing the opposite direction.

Factual error: When the terrorist leader has fired his gun at the toilets you can see and count the bullet holes. A AK-74SU clip holds 30 rounds yet there are about 100 bullet holes in the toilets.

Factual error: At the start, when Schwarzenegger leaves the party to steal the computer evidence, when he turns on the computer you can clearly hear the Macintosh start up sound, but when he looks at the computer screen it is the Windows loading screen. It's not a case of changing the sound files - PCs make no noise before Windows is fully loaded except perhaps the initial beep.

Continuity mistake: When Harry goes over the Marriott hotel roof, he switches from being over the "a" to being over the "r", depending on which camera angle it is.

Continuity mistake: Before Salim Abu Aziz kicks the bathroom stall doors, we can see there are 6 stalls (and Harry is in the 6th one). Salim kicks the first door, but the close up shot shows it's at least the 2nd door since we can see a door to the left of the post with the lock on it. After that he kicks the 2nd and 3rd door. After he kicks the 4th door, Harry crashes out of his stall, but he's 3 stalls over instead of 2.


Continuity mistake: When the limo is on the bridge and it runs through a burning part, the pavement is filled with debris scattered all around. When Harry's chopper flies over the place, the pavement is clean.


Continuity mistake: At the hotel, when Helen is about to destroy her dress she places her gabardine on a bench, to the right of her bag. In the next 10 shots, the gabardine's position and the way it's folded keeps changing.

True Lies mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the bridge scene the limo driver is shot and blood splatters on the windshield. In the outside angle the blood is gone.


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Gib: Women. Can't live with 'em. Can't kill 'em.



In the scene when Arnold has rescued Jamie Lee Curtis from the limo and she is flying over the ocean from Arnold's hand, Curtis is actually the one doing that stunt.


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