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Basic Instinct

Continuity mistake: During the famous leg un-crossing scene when SS is being interrogated, a cigarette in her hand disappears and then reappears, but who was looking at her hand at the time?

Continuity mistake: During the interrogation scene, Stone has her legs crossed right over the left then suddenly left over the right and a second later (during the shot where she wears no underwear) right to left again.

Continuity mistake: During the big sex scene you see red marks on Michael Douglas's back. These red marks are from when Sharon Stone scratches him. The thing is, she scratches him a minute AFTER you see the red marks on him for the first time.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the actual murder takes place the blonde woman stabs him in the neck. The body has no blood on it. The second stab the body is covered with blood. This all happens in one eyeblink.

Continuity mistake: Douglas opens a mailbox to check the mail for clues. He then puts the mail back and closes the box, a second later you hear him closing the mailbox again.

Continuity mistake: As Michael Douglas and his partner drive Sharon Stone to the police station for questioning in the shots of her she's sitting on the left of the rear window. When Gus Moran looks at her in the rear view mirror she's on the other side next to a large police light. Throughout the scene she moves left and right between shots on the back seat.

Visible crew/equipment: Jeanne Tripplehorn along with Dr. Myron and Dr. McElwaine meet with Michael Douglas back at the station after Roxy's death and equipment shadows can be seen moving all over the walls.

Continuity mistake: When Roxy drives Sharon Stone's car off the road it lands on a yellow hose at the bottom of a construction site. When Michael Douglas runs down into the construction site the car is nowhere near the yellow hose.

Continuity mistake: Sharon Stone finely comes out of Hazel Dobkins' house and her car is dry. There's no indication that Michael Douglas hasn't been sitting there waiting for her but his car is soaking wet. In the next shot it's dry also.

Continuity mistake: Michael Douglas goes back to Sharon Stone's house where she invites him upstairs as he watches her break up ice cubes with an ice pick. If you look closely at the painting above her fireplace, you can watch the different times of day go by between shots in the reflection of sunlight off of the pool and onto the picture.

Visible crew/equipment: Michael Douglas spots Sharon Stone's car after the high-speed highway chase and as he walks up to her you can see the reflection in his sunglasses of the cameraman walking in front of him.

Factual error: Michael Douglas is lying on the couch watching the Jeffersons. Jeanne Tripplehorn arrives and they talk. In the background the theme song to the Jeffersons is playing, but it is the song from the beginning of the show rather than the closing theme.

Continuity mistake: When Roxy runs off the bridge you see the Lotus crashing over with its low beams on - when you see the car fly off the bridge its brights are on.

Continuity mistake: Before Sharon Stone leaves Michael Douglas' apartment the box on the left against the far wall near his front door is empty. Several shots later when Gus Moran brings him a pizza, the box is full of stuff.

Continuity mistake: As she walks into Michael Douglas' apartment, Sharon Stone drapes her jacket over the center of one of his kitchen chairs. Later in the scene she walks over and gets the jacket and it's draped over the left side of the chair.

Continuity mistake: Someone moved the pencil holder on Jeanne Tripplehorn's desk between shots. It's there in the beginning of the scene then it just disappears.

Continuity mistake: Sharon Stone leaves the top of Michael Douglas' back all bloodied with her sharp fingernails. After the lovemaking scene, Roxy talks to him in the bathroom and we see the reflection of his back in the mirror. The scratches on his back are now much lower and not anywhere near the right place.

Visible crew/equipment: As Roxy follows Michael Douglas after he leaves Mac's Diner, the shadow of the cameraman can be seen moving on the license plate of Sharon Stone's car.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beach house, Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas speak about Jonny Boz and as she says, "I wasn't dating him" the shadow of the cameraman can be seen moving on the railing behind her.

Continuity mistake: In their love making scene Sharon Stone leaves Michael Douglas' back all dripping and bloodied with her sharp fingernails. In the next shot she rolls him over onto a pillow but when he gets up there's no blood on the pillowcase.

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Director Paul Verhoeven approached Peter Weller for the role of Nick Curran but the producers opted for Michael Douglas instead.