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Dollhouse (2009)

Top 10 mistakes

Starring: Amy Acker, Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix

Genres: Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

Ghost - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the motorbike scene, Matt performs a wheely and overtakes Echo. In the following shot Echo is in front of him again.

Ghost - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: After Echo is extracted from the docks, the reflection of a camera rig can be seen on the side of Langton's van. It's within the last few frames of the shot so you may have to pause it to see.

Epitaph 2: Return - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: In the scene at Priya's house when everyone is sitting round the kitchen table, a grey streak in Echo's fringe switches sides between shots.

Getting Closer - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: In the flashback where Echo and Bennett are breaking into the Rossum Headquarters, Bennett tells Echo to set the charges for 10 minutes. But the charges go off in roughly 1 minute 45 seconds, not 10 minutes.

True Believer - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of this episode, you see some religious cult members drive in to town, in a bus, and go in to a grocery store. While inside this store, an auto mechanic named Jesse starts bothering one of the cult members and pushes him in to a store display, knocking the display over. The very next shot you see the store display is upright.

Gray Hour - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Taffy, (aka, Echo) and her gang of thieves, blow up a wall that leads in to a high security building, huge amounts of debris lands in the hallway that they must walk on. As soon as they start to walk on that hallway, they become unhindered in their destination because there is not as much debris on the floor as we saw in the earlier shot.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: "Season 1, Episode 7: Echoes." Topher is in front of his desk talking on the phone, while a kinetic moving toy is moving on his desk. Ms. Dewitt quits jumping on a trampoline and climbs over the railing. Take notice that as she climbs over the railing, the toy is no longer moving. However, when she starts to talk to Boyd on the phone and she and Topher are standing in front of the desk, the toy starts to move like it was first doing. Also, in that same scene, watch Boyd play a complicated piano piece without hardly using his fingers.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Season 1, episode 8, "Needs." As Echo is holding a gun on Topher, in his room, the lights come back on, and Topher turns off his glow stick and throws it to the floor. Echo and Topher continue talking for a bit, and the next time the shot to the floor returns, the glow stick is not there.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Season 1, episode9, "Spy in the House of Love." As Dominic and Echo are fighting, Dominic performs a spinning kick which sends Echo into the air and down onto a table. The table breaks apart and Echo rolls off of a large piece of the table. There is a quick shot showing Dominic looking down at her, and then the shot returns to Echo with her head on that large piece of table.

Man On The Street - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: After Agent Ballard enters the house and confronts Mr. Minor in the kitchen, the camera goes back to Agent Ballard. In the reflection from the oven, you can see a camera man holding his camera and filming.

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Towards the end of the motorbike scene, Matt performs a wheely and overtakes Echo. In the following shot Echo is in front of him again.



Before Dollhouse, Olivia Williams had a bit part as Moira McTaggert in X-men 3. She was showing a patient who had no conscience. Xavier then brought up the ethics of placing the conscience of one person into another which is what Ms. Williams does now as Ms. Dewitt in Dollhouse.