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Pokemon: Red and Blue

32 mistakes

Bug: After the S.S. Anne is gone, go to the guard that says that the ship is gone. After facing him, keep pressing right and then quickly push the START button. Save and reset. If everything's OK, you should continue facing right. Select a Pokémon that knows SURF and use this move. Instead of surfing to the right, you'll surf ON the guard! Press down twice, and you'll enter the S.S. Anne again.

Other mistake: If you don't have the Silph Scope, you'll run into GHOSTs at the Pokemon Tower. However, in the middle of the battle, if you see any of your Pokemon's stats, and then return to the battle, the GHOST will be gone and you'll be able to see the real Pokemon behind it.

Bug: After entering the Cycling Road from the northern gate, go all the way left. You'll see some trees beside the barrier. Then go south, until a point water appears below the trees. If you go up again, you'll see that the trees that were at north have now transformed into water. If you keep going up, and then right so the water is not seen, and then left again, the water has now transformed into trees, again.

Other mistake: Being in any route or cave, and then flying or transporting to Cinnabar Island will make the Pokemon of that route and cave appear in Cinnabar's eastern coast, even though they're not water Pokemon and of course don't belong there. This can apply to Safari Zone's Pokemon also, that is, you can go to the Safari Zone, waste your steps there, fly to Cinnabar Island, surf in the coast, and you'll find the Zone's Pokemon there, which can be caught normally, and not with the methods of the Safari Zone (rock, bait).

Factual error: Go to Cinnabar Island and go to the lab. There are people there who wants to trade Pokemon. Talk to one of them who wants a Raichu. Have a Raichu with you, and trade. After all the trading animation, talk to the man again. He'll say "The Raichu you traded to me went and evolved!". However, in fact, Raichu doesn't evolve into anything.

Bug: In any gym statue, you can actually use surf or use a rod in it.

Bug: When having a Ditto, transform into any wild Pokemon, then with Select switch the order of the attacks. After the battle, Ditto will now have a glitch move (Cooltrainer-type), which can wreck your game if used in battles.

Other mistake: When taking the first step into Route 24, press Start. The first trainer of the Nugget Bridge will be standing in the water until you press Start again.

Continuity mistake: If you come to Pallet from the south, that is, surfing, you can see that the fat man near the lab will appear out of nowhere when you enter the town.

Bug: At the beginning of the game there's a girl near your house that says she's raising Pokemon too. If you push her to the northern exit of the town, and attempt to exit it, Oak will come and will take to to his lab. Only that this time, because of the girl, you won't be able to follow him correctly and you'll trespass some buildings until finally becoming stuck in his lab's wall.

Other mistake: Before winning the League, go to the man that doesn't let you enter to the Unknown Dungeon (Cerulean Cave). Go some steps to the left until you exit the city. Now look, that man has disappeared. If you return to the city, the man's there again.

Other mistake: Go to the item list, and select any HM. Attempt to use it in a Pokemon. Before you do, the text below will say "Use TM in which Pokemon?". However, you are attempting to use a HM, not a TM, in a Pokemon.

Other mistake: Between Viridian's forest southern and northern gates, there's a whole forest, but judging by the scenario shown outside the forest, it appears that between the gates there's just normal road.

Other mistake: Marowak's ghost is supposed to be avoided only with the Silph Scope. However if you use a Poke doll in his battle it'll escape and you can proceed the game. This makes no sense whatsoever, because if you do that and advance through the game, you'll find Giovainni with strong Pokemon, but if you go later to get the Silph Scope, Giovainni will be there with weaker Pokemon. Big part of the game can be skipped with this glitch.

Other mistake: Get a Pokémon with a Special of 21, and with a move that increases its Attack (as Swords Dance, TM03). Now do the Mew glitch, that is, fly or somehow escape at the same time one trainer sees you by scrolling the screen. Fight with any trainer, then go to Route 13, 14, 15 or 16 and search for a Ditto. Let the Ditto transform into your Pokemon with Special of 21. Now, wait for it to use the move that will increase its attack. It has to use it at least three times. Return to the route where you escaped the trainer. The menu will pop-up, exit and you'll encounter a Mew, however, it will be at least in level 10, and it will know TRANSFORM. Let it transform any of your Pokémon. Then catch it. The game will say you caught a Ditto, not a Mew. The Mew will be gone forever, and instead the Pokémon will be a Ditto.

Factual error: In Cerulean City, there's a man that will trade your Poliwhirl for a Jynx. After trading, he'll say "The POLIWHIRL you traded to me went and evolved!". He may be referring that the trade evolved his Poliwhirl. While there are Pokémon that evolve via trading, Poliwhirl does not. This is a translation mistake from the Japanese Red/Green version, using the Japanese Blue text.

Continuity mistake: In every gym there is a statue that lists the names of all the people who have won there. The only names that appear are the player character's and their rival's, but when you go to the elite four there are all these other trainers. How did they get past the guards when they don't have any badges?

Audio problem: When your Pokemon is low on health it makes a beeping noise. This noise can interfere with Pokemon cries and attack noises (i.e. Kadabra's cry sounds like Ghastly's cry).

Bug: After you deliver Oak's parcel, go and battle Blue on Route 22. Then return to Oak, and he'll tell you about capturing Pokemon and he'll give you 5 Pokeball. This is a hidden text. However, in the middle of the text, it becomes glitched and scrambled. No wonder why they kept it hidden.

Bug: If you cut a tree, stand where it was, save and reset, you'll be standing on top of the tree.

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