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Pitch Perfect

Character mistake: When Aubrey is telling the Bellas that they will practice two hours a day, seven days a week, the board behind her states that on Sundays they have the day off.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Beca is going to do night shift at the radio station,when she is unlocking the door to the radio station she has a handbag on her shoulder but when she enters the booth in the radio station she has a backpack on her back instead of a handbag.

Continuity mistake: During the finals, Cynthia Rose's blazer is done up, but during the next shot, it's undone, then the next shot shows it's done up.

Other mistake: Before the nationals, when Beca is getting dressed, we see in the mirror that Kimmy-jin is playing KINECT Sports, but when it pans to her, she is playing with a controller.

Continuity mistake: During the Bella's performance of I Saw The Sign in which Beca starts singing Bulletproof, when Chloe sings the line "like me care for you" the camera focuses on the audience and there an older woman with glasses sitting next to a guy in a blue shirt, but in the next shot the woman has moved seats, and is now sitting next to a guy in a yellow shirt in the row behind the judges' table.

Visible crew/equipment: When the girls are singing the Miley Cyrus song in the bus, the camera switches to an outside shot of the bus. The silhouette of the camera is reflecting in the left window.


Character mistake: At the activities fair, after Benji and Jesse walk away from the Treblemakers, Bumper says "Let's match pitch." Then sings a note. The rest of the Treblemakers harmonize, rather than match the note that Bumper sings.

Visible crew/equipment: During the Finals of the International Championships at the end of the movie. Beca is singing "Don't you forget about me" the camera cuts to Jesse sitting in the crowd with Donald sitting next to him, in a few of these shots, you can see crew in the reflection off Donald's glasses and an empty stage.


Continuity mistake: The water bottle to Fat Amy's right on the floor is present in 1 shot and next shot it is moved behind her much farther away.

Continuity mistake: When Beca walks into the radio station at the beginning it says 85.7 on the window but when she walks into the studio the guy inside says 95.7 WBUJ over the tannoy.

Continuity mistake: In the picnic scene, there is one extra in the background with a blue shirt and jean shorts that walks by three times.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, when Beca and Jesse kiss, there is a gap of 2-3 seats between Jesse and Donald, even though they were sitting next to each other during the Bellas' performance.


Continuity mistake: At the second competition when Beca runs out, you can see the family walking down the hall with the mom, dad and son in that order from left to right. When Benji runs out after her, the kid is then in the middle.

Continuity mistake: In the party scene when they show Bumper and Donald, a girl with a green shirt and a leather jacket walks down the aisle. When Fat Amy approaches Bumper, the same girl walks down the aisle as if she is just arriving.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Beca and Jesse are in the radio station for the first time, Beca's hair changes from pulled behind her ear to loose between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the Bellas are performing at the frat party, Chloe briefly turns her head to show that her hair is in an elaborate updo. In the scene immediately following that scene, Chloe's hairstyle changes to a bun pinned to the back of her head.


Audio problem: In the opening scene the camera shows a close up of "Bumper singing please don't stop the" (repeatedly) then pans to the Bellas off stage. His singing doesn't match the audio. In fact several times during that performance there is audio of him singing but his mouth is not moving.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where all the groups are together and having a party, Donald changes position several times. First he is standing next to Bumper and in the next shot he is dancing, the shot after he is again standing next to Bumper.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Beca's dad wakes her up for her class her desktop is "awake" (showing her home screen). A few shots later Beca's dad walk towards it and the desktop is on its screensaver then gets bumped to awake. If the screensaver was set to activate after a period of inactivity, it would already have kicked in while Becca slept, not in the short time it's offscreen.

Continuity mistake: During the shower scene where Beca and Chloe song Titanium, Beca begins the shower wearing gauged spike earrings but when Chloe startles her they are regular silver earrings and they remain that way for the rest of the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Benji and Jesse are approaching the Treblemakers at the activities fair, and the Treblemakers begin singing "Whip It," The Treblemaker in a blue shirt goes from the steps on the left to the wall on the right between shots, and is back on the steps when we see Aubrey and Chloe watching them.

Continuity mistake: After the first Bellas' rehearsal Aubrey is about to flip over the whiteboard with the "Choreography" layout. In the very next shot she is flipping over the whiteboard/chalkboard that has the "Road to Victory" flowchart on it.

Continuity mistake: After the Bellas' first rehearsal when Aubrey asks to have a word with Beca, Beca's hair over her left ear changes positions (from covering her ear to being placed behind it) virtually every other shot.

Character mistake: When Jesse is talking to Becca about "The Breakfast Club," he tells her that the best song is "Don't You Forget About Me" which was recorded by Simple Minds because Billy Idol didn't want to do it. Steve Schiff and Keith Forsey composed "Don't You..." Billy Idol approached them, requesting to sing the track. Steve Forsey didn't want Idol to do it for the movie, and Forsey personally chose Simple Minds. Idol was eventually allowed to record his version of the song, and it's on his album "Billy Idol - Greatest Hits" as remastered in 2001. He stayed true to the original.

Continuity mistake: In the Nationals competition scene, Aubrey's hair is seen tied up, but soon after, her hair is down, and then it goes back to being tied, until she finally takes it down for the end of the performance.

Factual error: In the scene where the Bellas run out of gas, on their way to the second competition, it shows the gas gauge saying "unleaded fuel only." But when the bus runs out of gas it makes the sound that a diesel engine makes, not a regular gas engine.


Continuity mistake: When the Treble's are singing "let it whip" in the activities fair, Donald changes from sitting on the wall, to standing on the stairs, then back to sitting.

Continuity mistake: Extra walks past Benji and Jesse twice as they are observing the TrebleMakers, he is easy to spot seeing as he's a fat kid in a brown shirt with black trousers and a backpack. 1st camera angle change is slick but he walks past again seconds later.


Character mistake: In the scene where Becca and Jesse have a picnic, she tells Jesse that she knew Darth Vader was Luke's father, because "Vader literally means father in German." This is incorrect. However, it does mean father in Dutch. The German word for father is Vater.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Jesse is putting the album covers in front of his face to make Beca laugh while they are re-shelving in the radio studio, Beca starts to move to her left after Jesse lowers the Adam Lambert album. In the next shot she is moving to her right.


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