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Red Tails

Factual error: When Lightning returns to base following the destruction of the train, the pilots watch his gun camera films. Gun cameras are trained forward of the aircraft, while some of the footage displayed was from behind the P-40.

Factual error: General Luntz states that an upcoming raid would be the "first against Berlin". Actually the first US raid against Berlin was early in 1944, before the 332nd was involved in bomber escort duties.

Continuity mistake: When Lightning drives off to meet with Sophia for the first time, he gets into a Jeep with the number 20860779, but when he arrives at Sophia's house, the Jeep has the number 20207765.

Factual error: When the German fighter ace (called "Pretty Boy" buy the Tuskegee Airmen) attacks the B-17s, he says "Brecht ein und zieht die Kämpfer ab!" What he wanted to say is "Break through and distract the fighters" but his choice of words is more like "Break into a home and steal from the brawlers!"

Factual error: The Me-262 fighters the 332nd engaged at the end of the movie were armed with 30mm cannon. A hit with one of those shells was enough to bring a B-17 down. An explosion of one in a P-51 cockpit would have shredded Lightning instead of leaving a neat bullet wound in his chest.

Factual error: On their way back to base, Lightning and his wingman encounter a German destroyer. Unfortunately, at this period in the war, there were no German destroyers in the Mediterranean, and certainly not any with a straight single stack. All German destroyers were built with two racked funnels.

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