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Continuity mistake: When Royce kills the Predator at the end, he slices the head off, and it falls backwards, and the body falls forwards. One of the next shots now shows the head to now be in front of the Predator body.


Continuity mistake: When Royce is running around the last Predator hitting him with an axe, the plasma caster on the Predator's shoulder changes from left to right between shots.


Continuity mistake: When the group choose to leave Cuchillo behind and Isabelle decides to put him out of his misery, there's a fraction of a second where you can see his would-be-bullet-wound on his back explode from a supposed bullet impact without the gun being fired as Isabelle takes aim, only to go off again after Isabelle shoots him in the following shot.


Revealing mistake: When Cuchillo is about to be shot by Isabelle, you can see the bullet-hole-effect go off to early, due to bad editing. It's exactly in between that scene when both actors are shown from the side, and as the scene changes to where Isabelle is seen from the front.


Continuity mistake: When Isabelle shows Royce the planet's weird magnetism by using a leaf in some water, she puts the leaf on the water and it is very flat. But after the cut and close-up of the leaf it is very curled up and cup like. It is very obvious that it is not the same leaf.


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Royce: What's the last thing you remember?
Cuchillo: All of a sudden, there was a light. And then, I was falling.



The famous line from the original Predator "You're one ugly motherf**ker" is included in Predators, but most people have missed it unless they speak Russian. Nikolai says the line before blowing himself up.


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