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Greedy (1994)

4 mistakes

Directed by: Jonathan Lynn

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Nancy Travis, Olivia d'Abo

Genres: Comedy

Continuity mistake: Danny's hair keeps changing, when he comes out of the pool.

Continuity mistake: When the nephews and niece confront Molly, when it's raining and she has just pulled in, we see Patti move next to Frank where she stands behind him a bit (she her head is next to his shoulder). When the camera angle changes, Patti is now away from Frank, but back behind him when the angle changes back. This happens a couple times.


Continuity mistake: When Daniel is bowling the 10th frame to stay at 5th, we see him get a 6-7 split (the machine even sets the 2nd shot with the #6 and #7 pin.) But when the ball is rolling down the lane, it is now a 7-10 split and the black dots are missing.


Continuity mistake: In the frame after Robin tells Daniel he needs to finish at least fifth, we see the #1 pin start to knock over the #2 pin for the strike. In the first shot we can see the bottom of #1 and it's bumping the side of #2 as it is passing it. In the next shot, #1 is lying horizontally and in front of #2, which has also been turned so the stamp is facing the camera.


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Uncle Joe: Would you mind going to the market, we're out of Oreos.
Molly: Well, we wouldn't be out of Oreos, would we, if someone hadn't sucked out all of the insides and tossed the rest away, you naughty boy.
Uncle Joe: I'm old and I'm rich. I can eat whatever parts I want. If I want to eat the goddamn box, I'll eat the goddamn box.



Johnny Petraglia, from the Cincinnati tournament, is a real PBA Hall of Fame bowler. He has an uncredited role as himself in the film.


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