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Continuity mistake: When the roaches are watching Joe and Lily make out on the couch, there are a few roaches swinging in the lamp. When the lamp tips over onto Lily, there are far more roaches that spill onto her than were on the lamp.


Other mistake: In the dispatcher's room set the "computers" used are actually old microfiche film viewing screens. The actors pretend to be reading incoming police calls off the screens when they are actually looking at old film files.

Continuity mistake: When Joe gets off the bus, in New York, at the beginning of the movie, he is mugged several times. On the last mugging he is punched repeatedly while wearing a yellow baseball cap. During the punches his hat falls off and reappears back on his head.

Eric Franklin

Revealing mistake: When Joe is beat up the second time when he just gets off of the bus in NYC, during the simulated punches his head hits a sheet of Plexiglas. The makeup from his forehead leaves a tan stain on the Plexiglas.


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During the "Funky Towel" song, there is a shot of the medicine cabinet and one of the roaches is dancing on a box of boric acid. Boric acid kills roaches.


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