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The Krays

Factual error: The recruits' hair is far too long when they parade after being conscripted. In those days Army recruits practically had their heads shaved - sideburns were shaved off to one inch above the ear (Army regulations). Curiously, this applies to the Staff Sergeant too - his hair would barely be visible under his hat.

Factual error: When Reggie Kray goes to visit Frances' parents for the first time he is driving a 'D' registered car, this would mean that the car was from 1966. This event happened before 1966 as they were married in April 1965.


Visible crew/equipment: After Ronnie gets out of bed naked, he looks in the mirror and talks to himself. A microphone can be seen at the bottom of the mirror.


Deliberate mistake: When the people come into the club looking for money off the owner a fight breaks out between the Krays and the people the Krays stick a sword through the gang leaders hand. But it quite obviously goes through the gap in his fingers.


Visible crew/equipment: After the graveyard scene between violet and Ronnie, Ronnie is in a bathroom looking in the mirror. At the bottom right of the screen you can see a crew light.


Visible crew/equipment: Before Ronnie goes into kill George Cornell as hes getting out of the car look at the side window and you can see a boom mic reflected.


Factual error: If you look at the band playing in the Regal Club the night the boy's mother first visits, the night where they first bring on the donkey, you'll notice that the drum kit used by the drummer in the band is, from what we can see, a 1980's Pearl kit, far too modern.

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Ronnie Kray died 15 March, 1995, while Reggie passed away 1 October, 2000. I recall seeing a photo on the front page of a newspaper back in 2000 and it shows Reggie smiling. The headline quotes him saying about Ronnie: 'He's as good as gold.' Even in prison, Reggie took care of himself; he was muscular from taking cold showers, and in the said photo he did look leaner and meaner than in in his younger years. He even became a born again Christian and married a woman, Roberta.


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