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Dawn of the Dead

Continuity mistake: When Ana hands over the file to Cora, Cora grabs the file on the side. When it cuts she grabs it on the top of the file.

Continuity mistake: When the gang of survivors goes to Andy's gun shop, one of them shoots a zombie and he proceeds to fall on his knees. The scene cuts to the gang and then to the charging zombies and the shot zombie falls again.

Factual error: When the survivors are first in the mall, you can see a store called Roots with a Canadian beaver logo. While the movie was filmed in Canada, it is supposed to take place in the USA where Roots has a different logo.

Revealing mistake: As Ana is driving away from her home, when we see her car driving from a shot high above, we see a car crashing in to a gas station making a huge explosion. However the trees a few feet away from the explosion don't move. The shockwave would have made them react at least a bit.

Continuity mistake: When Norma places the case on the table, Ana says she shall go check on Luda while placing a box horizontally in the case. When it cuts the box is lying vertically.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Dandewar has hung up the phone we see him holding the X-ray in his hand. When it cuts he is holding it with both hands.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the remaining survivors are on Steve's boat and Michael stays because he's bitten, the sun changes positions. It goes from being morning to afternoon.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ana is about to leave Cora she asks her if Cora can page Dr. Dandewar, then she starts walking. As Cora starts talking you can see the boom mic move reflected in the window right beside Cora's head.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Ana is escaping from her husband, she crashes into the bath and in the process pulls down the shower curtain and rail. The shot from above shows the curtain rail landing on top of her, but when the shot immediately switches to show to show a close up of her sitting in the bath, the rail appears to be propped up just behind her right shoulder.

Continuity mistake: At the birth of the zombie baby and the shoot-out, the pregnant girl gets shot through the left eye blowing her eye socket apart. Afterwards, the main blonde girl surveys the area and now the pregnant lady's left eye is undamaged.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Ana and Luis shower together at the beginning of the movie, Ana's hair is very long, almost down to her waist. This is obviously a body double as the real Ana's hair is much shorter.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning, when Luis attacks Ana, she escapes into the bathroom and falls over into the tub. The rug on the floor is folded back in the shot from the top, but it is flat when Ana steps out of the tub.

Continuity mistake: After Andy shoots the zombie that looks like Jay Leno, there are shots of the characters looking through binoculars. Tucker's and Steve's binoculars still have the lens caps on.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The E.M.T.'s legs in back of ambulance when first shown are hanging over the red line on bumper. When they cut to farther shot, The legs are now pulled up more.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Michael is about to open the door where he finds the janitor, there is a close up shot of the door handle where you see the reflection of three studio spotlights.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ana is done talking with Dr. Dandewar she gets to Cora's desk and places her files on the desk. When it cuts the brown file on the desk has moved.

Continuity mistake: When Ana is talking to Cora at the beginning, Ana has her elbow on the counter and her hand behind her neck. Her hand changes positions from shot to shot.

Factual error: When they are eating, there's a box of chicken labelled PFK (Poulet Frit a la Kentucky), the French equivalent of KFC. This film take place in the USA, but has been filmed in Canada where most products are labelled in English and French.

Continuity mistake: About 3/4 of the way through, CJ is on the roof of the gun shop and blows up a tank of propane to clear the zombies so everyone can escape. The truck that was blocking the door was their only way in and out of the shop. On their way into the gun shop you see two zombies follow them through the truck to the shop's entrance, but when he blasts the propane, somehow I guess they get cooked. My nitpick is that when CJ goes the same path as the others, there is a dead zombie blocking his exit through the truck's door. If the others already went out that same door they would have had to move that burned zombie to get through the truck.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the very pregnant Luda washes blood off of herself, she leans over the sink. The actress' very flat tummy is visible underneath her red top.

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CJ: What are you, a fucking doctor?
Ana: No, I'm a fucking nurse.



When Kenneth and Andy play chess, Kenneth is using the Alamo chess set. This is rather symbolic, because basically it's the same situation - a handful of survivors outnumbered by the enemy's forces.