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Brief Encounter

Continuity mistake: In an early scene the couple are sitting on a station bench. Dr. Harvey leans forward to put an arm round Laura. At the start of this movement his cigarette is in his right hand, but then appears in his left for the close up.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, the snobby woman who runs the refreshment room at the train station is drying a tall glass with a tea towel, but a second after she puts it down, it's in her hands again, being dried again with the tea towel.


Continuity mistake: Even though the heavy rain had only just stopped, as Laura sits alone on the bench, the pavements around her are completely dry.


Continuity mistake: As there is a heavy rain storm, Laura has to run through the rain, to get the the café. Once inside, she is completely dry, hair and all.


Continuity mistake: In the little café near the beginning of the film, as Dr. Harvey leaves the café table, Dolly sets her cup of tea down twice between shots.


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